Oceania Proposal

G A L E R I E at S E A

May XX, 2017 Robert J. Binder Oceania Cruises XXX XXX, Florida 00000

Dear XXXX: It has been a number of months since we last met to discuss how we can bring Rodeo Drive to the seas. In the meantime, we have been busy doing what we do best, which is providing our top-tier clientele with the finest works of art. We continue to produce world-class exhibitions, educational enrichment programs, VIP tours, curatorial and acquisition consulting services. For the past four decades, Galerie Michael has been thriving on Beverly Hills’ famed Via Rodeo while Andrew Weiss Gallery has both owned galleries across the nation and operated art galleries for Silversea. Now, the two longtime colleagues have created Galerie at Sea to bring the Rodeo Drive experience to the most discriminating clients that cruise the world. Why is this important to Oceania Cruises? We bring the very best art to our clients and our client bases are identical to the high-end demographic of Oceania Cruises. Furthermore, the business arrangements we propose represent a paradigm shift from those of lesser lines. Just as we unconditionally guarantee our art to our customers, we guarantee revenue to Oceania through a unique gallery rental agreement supplemented by a share of the revenues in the same way that retail space owners collaborate with the world’s highest-level luxury merchants. Our reputation has been built through unimpeachable business ethics, knowing that decades of greatness can be eradicated by a single lapse. Every work of art we carry has exhaustively and scrupulously curated, authenticated, validated and evaluated. As a result, we do not deal in reproductions, open-ended editions or art of a spurious nature—and never suffer the ill- consequences experienced by those who do. Now that things have calmed down here in Beverly Hills, we are available to get together again to further develop this opportunity to help both of our clients achieve their highest-level needs and desires and have a true fine art experience. Sincerely,

Michael Schwartz

Andrew Weiss

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