FPTR 2017 - Day 4 General Training

MC’s: Jonathan Manko & Yvonne Ernst & Bea Bos Speakers: Svetlana Rabinova , Senol & Dilek Zehir , Quentin Rivoire , Esra Davun & Murat Aksoy, Alfredo Marin , Begoña Bueno , Christian Abegg , LIubov Mironova & Viktor Budishchev , Bea Bos , & Michael o. Johnson

Jonathan Manko, Senior Executive President's Team 20K, Spain, 28 Years with Herbalife Welcomes and opens the 3 rd Training Day Shares his story and vision o Originally from Ghana o Moved to Spain, although didn’t speak the language o A DJ before meeting Herbalife.

"By 2020 at least something must change. Change at least one thing per year”

Introduces New PT Svetlana Rabinova…

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