FPTR 2017 - Day 4 General Training

Svetlana Rabinov , Senior Executive President’s Team, Israel, 25 years with Herbalife Shares HER Story 57-year-old from Belarus, lives in Israel Business started in Belarus, in 1991 moved to Israel Difficult time to settle and Israel to accommodate all immigrants Worked in car wash and found Lana and Oleg’s Herbalife advertisement and got in contact Second daughter was born, their financial situation was desperate. Lana & Oleg told about the products and the results you can get. Could see opportunity and a light at the end of the tunnel so started to use the products, lost 7kg and understood this is the product people need Supervisor School after 1 month of starting --> game changer 1 year after the training business changed, knocking on peoples doors and worked 16 hour days and qualified to GET team and eventually to MILL team MILL team for 20 years, lifestyle she could have never thought of having.

Jonathan Manko is back on stage….. Introduces next speaker, Yvonne Ernst..

Yvonne Ernst , Chairman’s Club, Switzerland, 23 years with Herbalife Showcase of Successful Business Flow

o Important to learn from the leaders and from people who are hungry for success o Sometimes need to change how we do things; recommended for everyone to refer back to their notes from the event and make a check list and implement things that are great - You can learn from peoples mistakes If something changes and you lose your flow; may have negative impact on your Royalties Have to implement something on your personal base to make a difference and get the next ‘stone’ Introduces next speaker Şenol & Dilek Zehir

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