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DISTRIBUTING Dey is your full-line distributor of Empire Comfort Systems Did you know? Empire makes everything from Vent-Free to Direct-Vent to B-Vent, from fireplaces to stoves to unit heaters to wall furnaces. Call or stop in to see what’s new with the Empire product line. See back cover for contact info. www.deydistributing.com Advantages to Zone Heating Gas-fired heaters, fireplaces, and log sets—zone heaters— create heat in the rooms where it’s needed . While a central furnace might have a higher efficiency rating, a zone heater rated at a lower efficiency can deliver more usable heat per dollar , because it does not lose energy where heat is forced through ductwork or through unused rooms.

The most efficient gas fireplace on the planet . . . humidifies as it heats

Creating the Heat A Power vent blower draws in outdoor air. B 3-Stage burner mixes air and LP or natural gas and burns it to produce heat. C Power vent blower extracts hot combustion gases (up to 900°) out through heat exchanger. D Cooled combustion gases (130°) are forced out through inner vent pipe. Circulating the Warmth E Circulation blower draws in room air via louvers beneath the fireplace. F Room air is forced across heat exchanger fins. 93% of the heat from combustion gases inside the tubes is transferred through the fins on the outside of the tubes. G Blower forces warm air out through louvers above the fireplace. Adding Humidity H Droplets of moisture, a by-product of the Mantis’ super-efficient heat exchanger, are captured in a holding tank. I A pump cycles on to send the water into a stainless steel tray where heat and air flow circulate the water vapor adding precious humidity to the home.

Low-cost PVc Venting • FirePLace, insert, or Freestanding instaLLation • direct-Vent or singLe-Vent Over 93% efficient AFUE

Dey Distributing carries many parts and accessories for all fireplace lines, including

We STOCK all Modine heaters and parts. Call for dealer discounts.

We STOCK 1,000s of different pieces of Dura-Vent, and are willing to stock 1,000s more. Please work with your local Dey representitive to see that they stock what you are looking for at your nearest Dey store. Call for dealer discounts.

Stove Bright® paints and chemicals, and several choices of thermostats, both mounted and remote control.

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