Coptic Inner Connection Newsletter - Summer 2017

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By Linda Bender

A s was noted in the last “Ideas for Today,” changes at the solstices and equinoxes have been going on for years. There are some subtle but very important differences in the way those are happening now. The primary information for the new year has always been presented at the Winter Solstice in late December (start of Winter). However, in the last five to ten years, the Summer Solstice (late June, start of Summer) has become as powerful as the Winter Solstice. It is as if

changes almost constantly. The surprise at the Winter Solstice was all the unexpected changes as we moved from Piscean, water- based activity, into Aquarian, air-based activity. It may help to review the discussion in the last Inner Connection article “Ideas for Today” on how to manage those changes (see link to that issue on the web site). It was all about posture and breathing, air cleaners, smells, sounds, and even adding some flowers to your life!

Winter is Part I and Summer is Part II of the growth for the year. Also, the Equinoxes (start of Spring and start of Fall) are not nearly as potent as they used to be. Between a Solstice and the following Equinox, we tend to work on understanding, processing and integrating the Solstice changes. From the Equinox until the next Solstice is a time of preparation. Often there are prompts about things we can do to make the Solstice changes easier. A good bit of this pattern becomes clear only in retrospect or in observing the whole from the “mile high” perspective. As of now, the overall process looks like this: Winter Solstice, changes for the new year, Part I adapt and adjust, integrate most of the changes Spring Equinox finish integration of the Winter Solstice changes prepare for the Summer Solstice Summer Solstice, changes for the year, Part II adapt and adjust, integrate most of the changes Fall Equinox finish integration of the Summer Solstice changes prepare for the next Winter Solstice This will probably never slow down–in fact, it is more likely to accelerate as we get closer to the full implementation of the New Age. The good news is that we are being given time and guidance on what we need to work on when in order to make it much easier for us all around. Still viable from the Winter Solstice 2016 changes are the complete availability of mission information– you do need to ask for it and then listen . And there is ongoing learning and clarity from the high and low cycles (Moon in your Sun Sign and Moon opposite your Sun Sign) and how those can affect your day-to- day activities, as well as your feelings. A financial review is still a good idea as the world around us

So what is going to happen to us at the Summer Solstice, which is on June 21, 2017, at 12:24 a.m., EDT? Well, having addressed the physical issues for the change to air-based activity, it is now time to address the mental/emotional/spiritual issues. We frequently hold onto a lot of thoughts and ideas and beliefs that no longer apply, are no longer useful or, especially no longer fit with the person we would like to be. It is time to let all those old, unwanted items just flow away and disappear. When we get rid of things that no longer apply or work for us, we make room for the new things and they support us as we move into the person we want to be for the future. To start look at the mental activity–what goes on your mind every day. Do you really need all those things–I certainly don’t:  Why should I replay distressing events in my mind?  Why should I spend time regretting errors? (Make restitution or just apologize and resolve them.)  Why should I carry around in my head memories or thoughts that are not really my responsibility? (Oh, getting rid of those would leave lots of room.)  Why should I get distressed about the tasks I didn’t get finished last week? (If they are still important– key word–then move them to this week’s list or even next month’s list!)  Are all the items on the long-term goals really applicable? (And do I still want to do them, let alone go through the work to get there.) Things have changed. We have each changed. It’s a different air-based world out there. There was a very strong point made earlier this week that the power of thought, also known as “thoughts are things,” is going to take another jump in strength. If

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