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Your new hobby – getting your body in shape for the winter Whether it’s a new fitness regime or hobby, eating healthier or making changes to home decor, the end of summer can be an ideal time to invest in a bit more time to ourselves and commit to lifestyle changes. B etween work, relationships, children and life admin, it can be really easy to put your Brits spend an average nine days each month battling stress, it’s never been more important to prioritise your wellbeing. year for site users hunting down content on how to get out and try new things. really have a big impact on our health and wellbeing.

Slimming World turns 50 Slimming World is celebrating 50 years of success helping millions of people to lose weight. As part of the anniversa- ry celebrations, the nation’s favourite weight-loss organ- isation has been hosting a summer full of golden festiv- ities, starting with a glittering golden double decker bus visiting 60 towns and cities on a whistle-stop tour of the UK and Ireland. At each event, guests were invited to watch live cookery demonstrations and sample some of Slimming World’s’™ famous healthy recipes. On- board chefs served dishes cooked from scratch in their specially created kitchen, while visitors received a goody bag and a selection of recipe cards to try out dish- es for themselves at home. Guests at each event could also meet some of the inspi- rational local slimmers whose lives have changed thanks to losing weight. This week, to mark the 50th anniversary, birthday parties are being held in all 19,000 Slimming World groups up and down the UK and Ireland. Slimmers will have the chance to celebrate their weight loss- es and share healthy food tasters using recipes from the famous Food Optimising eat- ing plan. The healthy eating plan, based on latest science and research, remains true to its promise as the most gen- erous, flexible and effective way to lose weight. During the birthday week, members who have lost more than 50% of their starting weight will also win a special award for their exceptional success. To find out more about the Golden Summer of Celebration visit: www. slimmingworld.co.uk/golden

To avoid winter blues, there are plenty of places in and around the New Forest, the rest of Hampshire and Dorset, which offer a range of health, beauty and wellbeing services.

For a lot of us, this can manifest as a low mood, craving really carby and stodgy meals and a desire to just want to hibernate. Exercising and eating well can become much more difficult, and of course all of these things can Joining a gym or a community fitness class for that work out may have been on your mind but was something you never got round to. Many gyms are now offering either free or taster sessions, generous discounts while membership can either be on a pay as you go or contract basis. If you find the gym environment too intimidating, community classes are a great way to get into fitness. With everything from Aerobic and Pilates to Yoga and Zumba, they’re a great way to stay active and make friends, check your local village halls or community centres for classes with many offering the first class free or loyalty card incentives.

needs at the bottom of the to- do list and forget to take care of yourself beyond the basic needs of showering, sleeping and eating. But with a recent study finding

According to one mood-board platform, we’re chasing more me-time than ever, with the site reporting a 140% rise in searches for ‘self-care routines’. And autumn is the busiest time of the

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And if you would rather en- joy a team sport, many gyms now have badminton courts and clubs along with table ten- nis, Pilates, dancing and yoga classes or even rock-climbing facilities. If the gym seems too oner- ous for you and mixing with those dripping with sweat, swimming may be a more re- laxed but equally demanding alternative. Hampshire and Dorset are well served by a wide range of swimming pools of varying sizes and facilities and taking up classes on how to improve that crawl or back stroke or even pool aerobics can gently ease you into a regular routine. Again watch out for special offers and dis- counts.

I t’s that time of the year when the nights start to draw in and the summer heatwave seems a distant dream even though it was just weeks ago.


While you may have been up and about enjoying the blue skies and sunshine in the forest or on the beach now is the time to think about how to keep your body – and of equal importance – your mind - in trim. For many of us being feel- ing good about yourself can be summed up in seven words, though not neces- sarily in this order – health, wealth, happiness, love, kind- ness, the pub, (for some) and holidays.

And let’s not forget work can have a positive impact on our health and wellbeing. Healthy and well motivat- ed employees can have an equally positive impact on the productivity and effec- tiveness of a business. But when you are away from work – or even if you are retired or about to re- tire – there are a whole host of activities, both physical and creative that can help to ward off those pending win- ter blues.

Tracy drops 3 dress sizes and is set to share her success A slimmer who trans- formed her life by losing

Our Slimming World journey — Rona & Dave

World’s 50th Anniversary! So why not make this the week that you join us! She says: “Obesity is becoming such a huge issue across the UK. When I first joined Slimming World as a member, I never dreamed that I would end up helping other people to lose weight but now I just can’t wait to get started. After losing almost 4 stone and completing my training, it’s a privilege for me to be able to pass on the experi- ence, insight and understand- ing that helped me reach my dream weight. I love that there is so much you can eat with- out having to weigh it, you lit- erally are never hungry and if you want to you can still enjoy a glass of wine and choose sugar and butter, instead of sweetener and spreads.” “Slimming World isn’t just about changing what you eat. Becoming more active is important too. Our Body Magic programme encour- ages members to build activ- ity into their daily routine with- out having to take up traditional forms of exercise like going to the gym. Everything counts from walk- ing to gardening to washing the car. I started off with daily short walks and have moved onto running and playing tennis to get my Body Magic! I never thought I could actu- ally enjoy being active!”

3 stone 11lb (24kg) is using her success to shape a whole new career helping other people change their lives and achieve their weight loss dreams too.

I n January of 2018 husband and wife team Rona and Dave Wright decided enough was enough. They had fought with weight gain and lived with the discomfort of being overweight for long enough. Their health had started to suffer; Rona found it increasingly uncomfortable to walk which meant she was missing out on quality time with her grandchildren. It was time to make a change. “It all started on the 11th January 2018. We made the decision that it was time to loose weight”, recalls Dave. “We went along to the group in Pennington at the Guide Hut in Priestlands Road. The consultant and members were very friendly and wel- coming and so it began”. After their first session Rona and Dave were armed with the knowledge of Slimming World’s Food Optimising eating plan, “Food Optimising ena- bles you to eat so much. The main part our diet is made up of Free Foods”, - a wealth of foods including meat, fish, rice and pasta that you can eat in abundance, absolutely no weighing or measuring With over 1 million members cur- rently on their slimming journey or maintaining their dream, target weight it is no surprise Slimming World is the UK’s most successful weightloss organisation. Its success has spanned 50 years. This week, groups all over the country will be celebrating the success of their organisation and the phenomenal achievements by all their members, Consultants – the whole Slimming World family - with glitter- ing, golden themed parties. Returning to group the following week for their first weeks weigh-in, Rona and Dave were thrilled by their success. Both had fantastic losses, 7lbs and 9.5lbs respectively, earning them their ½ stone award in week 1. Their weight continued to drop off as

they ensured they filled up on Free Foods and never went hungry and the support and guidance of their Consultants Michelle, and now Belinda and the encouragement and camaraderie of their fellow group members. Within 3 weeks both Rona and Dave had lost their first stone. As the weight came off the pair decided to add an extra dimension to their jour- ney and introduced ‘Body Magic’. “After a while we added some exer- cise to our plan; a small trampoline in the spare room and plenty of walking. As the year went on we continued to loose and upped our exercise adding a bike and cross trainer to our home gym.” By June our awesome duo had lost in excess of 4 stone each and by Christmas Rona achieved her interim target, having lost 6 stone, with Dave hitting an 8stone loss almost 14 months to the day he walked through the door of the Pennington group. Their success to date is outstanding . For the time being Rona has hit her target weight and is maintaining this following the Slim For Life plan. At just shy of a 9 stone loss Dave continues to Food Optimise and enjoy the bene- fits of his phenomenal achievement. “I now swim four times a week and Rona is a keen walker – recently com- pleting the Macmillian Walk for Life, a 5km walk from Boscombe to Bournemouth Pier and back with her close friend and fellow Slimming World member Joy”. “We are only part way through our journey but we have lost 15 stone between us. For us, Slimming World’s Food Optimising is a way of life. Our success through its flexibility has given us the confidence to know that if we do over indulge at parties and celebrations we can get right back on plan and the weight will come off.”

MONDAYS The Lymington Centre 7.30pm Belinda 07970 949407

The Lymington Centre, New Street, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 9BQ New Milton Memorial Centre 5.30pm and 7.30pm Kathy 07528 832540 New Milton Memorial Centre, Whitefield Road, New Milton, Hampshire, BH25 6DE TueSDAYS Bashley Village Hall, Bashley Road, Bashley (New Milton), Hampshire, BH25 5RY Hordle Women’s Institute Hall 6.00pm Bill 07393 370307 Women’s Institute Hall, Ashley Lane, Hordle (Lymington), Hampshire, SO41 0GA WeDNeSDAYS Sway Church Rooms 9.00am Belinda 07970 949407 St Luke’s Church, Church Lane, Sway, Hampshire, SO41 6AD New Milton Community Centre 6.30pm Michelle 07795 275633 New Milton Community Centre, Osborne Road, New Milton, Hampshire, BH25 6EA Bashley Village Hall 9.00am and 11.00am Janice 01425 270714

Tracy Hickson joined her local Slimming World group in Hythe and dropped from just 15st 4lb to 11st 7lb in just 31 weeks, transforming from dress size 20 to 14. Tracy shares that she became increasingly aware that her weight was unhealthy, she lacked energy to do anything, got sweaty when going for a walk and was no longer able to buy the clothes she enjoyed wearing. She adds “I had turned 50, had my first grand- child and didn’t want to be the frumpy Nanna who couldn’t run about and play on the park”. Now, she has trained as a Consultant for Slimming World, the UK’s largest group- based weight loss organisa- tion, at their national training academy in Derbyshire. Tracy Launched the Beaulieu Group on the 31st of August and new her members have got off to a superb start losing an average of 4lb in the first week! “I am loving my new role and running a Saturday morn- ing group as I know many people who work struggle to get to week day groups and busy parents are very wel- come to bring their children along too!” We are hoping to welcome 50 members this week as it is also Slimming

THuRSDAYS Pennington Guide Hut 9.30am Belinda 07970 949407

The Guide Hut, Priestlands Road, Pennington, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 8HY Lymington united Reformed Church 5.30pm and 7.30pm Theresa 07808 394820 The United Reformed Church, High Street, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 9AG FRIDAYS Hythe (Butts Ash) 9.00am & 11.00am PJ 07862 727743 St Anne’s Community Centre Warrys Close SATuRDAYS New Milton Memorial Centre 9.00am Kathy 07528 832540 New Milton Memorial Centre, Whitefield Road, New Milton BH25 6DE Beaulieu Village Hall 9.00am Tracy 07944 736119 Beaulieu Village Hall, High Street, Beaulieu, New Forest, Hampshire, SO42 7YA NeW

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