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Autumn resolutions No other time of year is better to review life. A s the new school year starts and the weather starts to chill it’s a natural inclination to pause, reflect and decide to make changes. rewiring your brain so you think totally different about food, your weight and body image. who take the right probiotics, for example, are proven to take less time off school and have fewer colds. To achieve this, though, the probiotics need to be more pow- erful sources than just bio-yogurt and yogurt drinks.

T he aim of physiotherapy is to restore motion and function to bones, joints and tissues in your body. Physiotherapists help people affected by injury, illness or disability through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice.  It’s a science-based discipline that provides relief and rehabil- itation for many different con- ditions and complaints, from soreness or pain to injury, disa- bility and post-surgery recovery. A physiotherapist will help to maintain health for people of all ages, helping patients to man- age pain and prevent disease. Physiotherapy comes in sever- al different forms. These include manual therapy (where we use our hands to encourage move- ment and reduce stiffness), tailored exercise plans, and ed- ucation (such as correct lifting techniques and how to improve

your posture). The key thing about physiotherapy is that it’s personal to you as an individual. Every person’s body is different, so the treatment will be tailored to your own needs and goals. Physiotherapy can help with the following: • Acute injuries and/or pain • Chronic and age- related conditions like osteoarthritis • Back and neck pain • Sports injuries • Pre and post- op orthopaedic rehabilitation (including total knee and hip replacement)

Improve your diet It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of comfort food once the sun begins to fade come Septem- ber. But eat right and you’ll feel a whole lot more energetic and healthier. If you’d like advice on eating more healthily, using food as medicine rather than mere- ly fuel, naturopathic nutrition points the way. We can help you make adjustments to your diet, choose the best supplements for you and for this time of year, and help resolve your digestive prob- lems. Boost immunity for winter The number one move you can make to fend off autumn/ winter lurgies is to boost your gut flora with probiotics. The colony of trillions of bacteria in our gut (known as the microbiome) is now known to dictate how strong our immune system is. Children

Even if we don’t have children there’s something about autumn and memories of going back to school, shiny new uniform and shoes, that we’re all programmed to make a few resolutions around now. Maybe it’s that the end of another year is in view and we want to have something to show for the past 12 months. Here are some resolutions we can help you with at The Natural Health Hub. Lose weight Whether you want to shed a few pounds after a summer of self-indulgence or weight has been your bugbear your whole life, our weight loss coaching/ mentoring gives you a roadmap to lose weight – for keeps. It’s not so much about counting calories and kilos, but provides you with a blueprint to live and think differ- ently. It’s all about exploring your beliefs and mindset, identifying your patterns of behaviour and

Homeopathy is particularly ef- fective for preventing and treat- ing recurrent winter worries like colds, coughs, respiratory prob- lems, chest infections and flu. It can help guard against having to take antibiotics, with studies proving it is particularly effective for treating ear infections. Make a dynamic change Wouldn’t you just love to be at your best more often? Fed up of all your ‘stuff’ getting in the way? NLP (neurolinguistic pro- gramming) enables you to unlock your full potential. Limiting be- liefs stop us achieving and mov- ing forward, and by helping to re- move those blockages NLP fires up new neuro pathways of help- ful and empowering beliefs that ultimately lead to a better life. What can we do to help you with your autumn resolution?

Natural Health Hub

A fabulous, expanding resource for the New Forest and surrounding areas The Wessex Clinic is a refreshing, new Health and Wellbeing facility based in the very centre of Lymington. I t is easy to find, just off the High Street, with plentiful parking at the public car park to the rear of the premises. Massage – Jules Emm - adopts an holistic approach to the body and has extensive experience of rehabilitation. Nutritional Therapy - Susan Davies - treats digestive problems, allergy related health

and soft tissue techniques are also available for the treatment of a myriad of problems. The team works very closely together and all the practitioners are known for their high professional standards of treatment, empathy and care. The Wessex Clinic, now in its second year, has expanded to include the following treatments delivered by other practitioners of great experience and reputation. Chiropody – Kath Chappell - has worked with Gavin for over twenty years and has a strong and loyal, local following. Audiology – Catherine Mills - moved to the New Forest in 2017 and offers a full range of ear care services. Clinical Hypnotherapy - Mark Williams - offers treatments to overcome phobias, insomnia and life-long habits that can be debilitating. Counselling – Lisa McGinnis and Denise Caruth - both offering a variety of therapies that help people to find routes to recovery and facilitate change.

The clinic incorporates Wessex Osteopathy and other health professionals offering a wide variety of treatments. Wessex Osteopathy has operated in Lymington for over 25 years and has a solid reputation of delivering a first class, professional and caring service to the community. Located at 21 New Street, the clinic is situated in a dedicated, beautifully restored, 1920’s building with large treatment rooms which are light, warm and airy – there is a comfortable and welcoming reception area. The team of osteopaths from WessexOsteopathy, at theWessex Clinic, is headed by the Principal Gavin Gobell BA(Hons) ND DO. There are three other osteopathic practitioners and one chiropractor within the team providing a full spectrum of treatments including cranial osteopathy, pregnancy pain and the treatment of chronic pain from a variety of injuries. Western acupuncture, paediatrics

conditions and even autism and mental health problems: identifying nutritional imbalances and offering corrective solutions. Life and Cancer Coaching / Psychosexual Medicine - Dr Jo Lee – a GP with these special interests who has also worked in the New Forest area for over twenty years Executive Coaching - Sarah Myatt - partners with professional individuals to harness their inner resources and so achieve their goals. The Wessex Clinic is a veritable hub of health and wellbeing expertise. You can contact the Clinic on 01590 673377 and visit www. wessexclinic.co.uk for additional information about all the treatments on offer.

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A centre of excellence offering a wide variety of treatments to achieve health & wellbeing

Osteopathy • Cranial Osteopathy • Massage Western Acupuncture • Chiropractic Audiology • Chiropody • Counselling Clinical Hypnotherapy • Executive Coaching Life & Cancer Coaching Nutritional Therapy Incorporating:

Discover our health and well-being sanctuary in the heart of Lymington n Acupuncture n Counselling/psychotherapy n Homeopathy n Weight loss coaching/mentoring n NLP

n Polarity therapy n Aromatherapy n Reiki n Reflexology n Hypnotherapy

n Naturopathic nutrition n Hair analysis testing n NIS Specialists in gut health, intolerances, natural pain relief, women’s hormonal issues – and easing that stress!

21 New Street, Lymington 01590 673377 www.wessexclinic.co.uk

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