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What do you think about when you brush your teeth…? S ome of usmay think about the next holiday, work pressures, school runs but can we urge

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mobile, painful and infections can spread to surrounding areas and therefore these teeth have to be removed. Infections can become very serious with a risk of sepsis and antibiotic resistance is now an issue too! All of these can be prevented by: • Careful brushing twice a day for 2 minutes, and with cleaning in between the teeth with dental floss or small interdental brushes. • Moderation in our sugar intake/consumption – keeping the frequency of how many times a day you have sugar to a minimum. • Regular visits to your dentist will check for any bacterial damage. Initial enamel damage, demineralization can be stopped by the use of localised topical prescribed gels and pastes. bacteria levels and thorough guidance and cleaning with a hygienist can reverse/stabilize any bone loss. Solent Dental • Measurement of gum inflammation, monitor

you to think BACTERIA! Hundreds of bacteria live in our mouths and if left on the tooth surface and along the gumline can cause serious problems to our teeth, general wellbeing and total health. Bacterial build up, known as bacterial plaque, use the sugars we eat (sweets, fizzy drinks, fruit sugars etc.) to create holes in our teeth. If left untreated the tooth surface softens further and more damage occurs as the bacteria/decay spreads which will ultimately damage the nerve tissue inside the tooth. Progress of these bacteria into the root will damage the bone underneath and fasten tooth loss. Bacteria left along the gum margin causes inflammation with initial bleeding, swelling and bad breath. But careful cleaning at home and with a dental hygienist can reverse this inflammation, restoring the tissues to health. Bacteria left on the gum line can also damage the supporting structures holding the tooth in place, known as the periodontal ligament/tissues and subsequently, if left untreated, the bone underneath. Teeth become

W hat do you think about when you think of health? Is it more than just ‘not feeling unwell’? The true vision of health is to be active, vibrant and connected . Who knew? In 1948, the World Health Organisation (WHO) made the following declaration: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Our state of health, whether good or bad, effects everything we do and everyone we know! Physical health focuses on the many systems that keep us alive. The ‘master controller’ is the nervous system. It connects the brain, our ‘supercomputer’, with every cell, tissue and organ in the body. Optimum functioning of the nervous system is central to good health, vitality and well-being. Mental health is increasingly acknowledged as a fundamental factor in overall good health. Emotional well-being needs to be guarded carefully. Thankfully it is getting more attention. It relates directly to the other aspects in the WHO definition. The factor that has been most overlooked in the past is ‘Social Well-being’. Research into the relevance of social connections has been increasing. It shows that being social has tangible physical, as well as emotional benefits. When we are less active, our

lives get smaller. We have less contact with people and the world around us. This has a direct impact on our social well- being. Feeling disconnected is happening more to people of all ages. So is loneliness. It is often reduced movement, because of joint pain or stiffness, that starts a decline in socialising. People feel unable to continue dancing, golfing, bowling or attending family and community events. Resolving these mobility issues can turn our lives around. Strong social networks contribute to good physical and mental health. It is the strength of the bonds and the feeling that someone else understands what we are going through that matters. The frequency of interaction is also important. Maintaining social links is a vital element in maintaining overall health and living life to the full. Now we all know! Dr Damien T. O’Dwyer BSc PGDipSc PhD MChiro DC Dr O’Dwyer worked in Medical Research in Australia for ten years and completed a PhD in Autoimmunity. His research combined Immunology, Endocrinology and Biochemistry. Dr O’Dwyer trained at Bournemouth’s AECC graduating with a Master of Chiropractic and winning the award for the ‘Most Holistic Practitioner’. He is the lead chiropractor at New Milton Chiropractic.


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“ The difference chiropractic makes to my life is amazing. Damien looks after me from top to toe, not just my back! He keeps my whole body moving well and that means I stay active and enjoy life to the full. Recommend it to everyone. “ Fiona Bayfield Massage Therapist, Highcliffe.

We focus on improving Movement, Balance and Posture, by assessing your Feet, Ankles, Knees, Hips, Spine, Wrists, Elbows, Shoulders, Neck and Jaw ...not just your Back!!

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If that phrase sends a shiver down your spine there is a good reason for that... Is holding a good posture, just for a couple of seconds, a strain? This is an indication that your nervous system is struggling to cope with one of its most basic functions: maintaining your body against gravity. Many things we do lead to poor posture, including: 1. Carrying heavy school bags 2. Working at a desk all day 3. Sitting too much 4. Mobile phone use (known as “text neck”). Your posture affects all areas of your body and everything you do, including:

That’s why at New Milton Chiropractic we focus on posture, as it is the window to your health. Our Doctors of Chiropractic concentrate on setting up new patterns to re-establish a healthy posture. Improve your posture and improve your life! Dr Damien T. O’Dwyer, Chiropractor BSc, PGDipSc, PhD, MChiro, DC CALL NOW to book your assessment 01425 620222 Dr O’Dwyer worked in medical research for ten years in Australia, completing a PhD specialising in Immunology, Endocrinology and Biochemistry. He then trained at the AECC in Bournemouth and graduated with a Masters in Chiropractic, winning the award for the Most Holistic Practitioner. Dr O’Dwyer leads the team of 3 Chiropractors at New Milton Chiropractic.

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• Your thinking and concentration • Your breathing and digestion • Your mood and ability to handle stress • Your movement and balance • Your stamina and fatigue levels • Coordination and strength • The pain levels you are experiencing • And even your ability to heal.

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