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C ontents 01 President's Report by Michael J. Kokes VOLUME 1 | 2018

EDITORIAL CONSULTANT Flair Marketing Group - Stephanie Shaffery

PRESIDENT'S Message by Michael J. Kokes - SBACNJ

DESIGNER Flair Marketing Group

have lobbying arms that deal with how the legislative process affects our industry. Without our local and state Political Action Committees (PACs), which are supported by our members, we would not be a viable industry in this state. I encourage you to check out our local and/or state legal and legislative committees and become involved. “Now, more than ever, you need to join!” I agree, but the truth is, a trade organization needs to be strong 365 days a year, year in year out. Our association is only as strong as our membership. When membership is high, our strength in numbers can accomplish many initiatives, from community outreach to legal and legislative victories. If you look at any industry, the most burdensome regulations or cumbersome rules were placed on those industries at a time of weakness. During the Atlantic Builders Convention we will once again have our NJBA Business Center. It is where we will have, among other items, recruitment efforts, enhanced by target specific marketing tools and discipline specific talking points, all designed for non-members. I encourage you to donate an hour of your time and sign up to man the booth so that you can share your membership experience with new potential members, I will be there. Click here to sign up. “Membership is the answer!” Not just any membership, but a cohesive legion of members, all focused on addressing the issues and believing in the mission. But is this really possible? Can everyone really be focused on fighting the same issues? Does every issue really mean something to every member?

My guess is not, but that’s the challenge for the officers, is to try and get everyone, in some capacity, focused on something. Sticking with the military theme, not everyone has to be on the front line fighting the fight, but there is a need for members to help support, in any way they can. By joining committees, our members can focus on areas of interest to them, whether it be sales and marketing, membership, legal and legislative, or other committee. By joining a committee you will optimize your membership by meeting other industry professionals, working side by side to solve problems, building programs, or creating events and reaching out to our local communities. Click here to learn more about the committees at Shore Builders Association. These are just a few of the ways we can address strengthening our membership in order to dig in and fight to protect our industry. By ensuring the association provides value to each member we will continue to strengthen our industry. Whether it is the first check for initial membership or subsequent renewals, we need to make sure the association offers programs and initiatives to make that member say, “writing this check is worth every cent.” I will continue to focus on membership, 'and have challenged the officers, board, and membership committee to present a plan to address increasing and retaining membership in Shore Builders Association of Central New Jersey. I look forward to sharing their ideas and strategies to accomplish this mission. I also encourage you to participate in any capacity by sending in your ideas or joining the membership committee to help us “dig in” to strengthen and protect our association.

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OFFICERS President – Michael J. Kokes

First Vice President – Christopher Amato

Michael J. Kokes President - SBACNJ

Vice President of Associates – Thomas McGrath

Treasurer – James Pittenger


Secretary – Kim Manicone

his issue of Bulletin Board Magazine is dedicated to the theme of “digging in to protect our industry”. As I sit here writing this article, I am thinking about what this means to our members, and industry as a whole. What are the issues we face, and what does it take to overcome those issues? I keep coming back to the same thought: Membership. Engaged, dedicated members who find value in our association. What are they hearing? What are they thinking? Here are some of the key phrases I hear over and over and how our association works to overcome the issues we face. “We are under attack!” This is a pretty common phrase spoken by many trade organizations, and while it is pretty colorful language, it does have a basis of truth to it. While maybe not physically under attack, our industry faces opposition every day from legal and legislative issues, to materials, labor and cost challenges. All of these are dependent upon third parties, like our legislators, and how they view the building industry. Negative action on any of these issues can add to our construction costs which ultimately are passed down to the consumer, affecting homebuyer affordability in New Jersey. Our local association, as well as NJBA

Immediate Past President – Thomas Bovino

SBACNJ STAFF Executive Officer – Gina McNamara Office Manager – Chris Boyle

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