Catalogue LEMA DISPLAY - 2017 - ENGLISH


LEMA DISPLAY specialises in design and distribution of Digital Advertising Display with their fixings.

Our solution will enable you to boost your sales at point of purchase by :

 collecting audience, memorizing of your products and incentive demonstration  enhancing your brands, your know-how by developing and intensifying your messages  reinforcing the link with your customers by interactivity experience

Through our experience, we have developed a wide range of screens system for:

your displays at POS in all material

your shelves, peg wall and rack storage of retail shop

your furniture or fitting outlet

LEMA DISPLAY suggests and adapts its solutions according to the criteria of your project :

The advertising campaign term : short or long time

 The location : carton display, shelf, rack, peg wall, standalone, furniture or fitting  Interactivity or not  Updating content by wifi, Lan or simple USB key  Budget constraints  Environment policy

You will find in this catalogue advertising retail solutions with settings :

LEMA SCREEN : digital display with range ECOCARD, ECO, EASY LEMA TOUCH : touchscreen with range CARD, TABLET ANDROID

    

LEMA FIX : mounts and fixing supports

LEMA VIDEO CARD : open frame for video brochure, gift box, badge

LEMA OPEN : customized screen

Welcome to " LEMA DISPLAY "... Improve your sales performance !

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