Brad Churchwell's Home Trends July 2015

Preparing for the Listing Decluttering your home before listing sounds easy enough: take away the excess and personal items so buyers can feel at home in your space. Well, sometimes you have to take a second look at what you have left and do another round of decluttering. Some things to look for and remove (whether you put them in a basket in the cupboard or pack them up for the move) are: children and pet toys, family photos, excess clothing, everything that is stuck to the fridge, DVDs, video games and consoles, small appliances, mail, magazines and books. When going through the bathroom and bedroom, think of a hotel room and what you expect when you walk in one. Your rooms should have the same feel. Remove hair products, make-up, medicines, etc. from the shower and countertops in the bathroom. Pick your dirty clothes up off the floor or chair back and put them in a laundry bin. Preferably one that is in a closet or disguised with furniture. The best part about decluttering is you determine what you can and cannot live without. And it gives you a head start on the packing.

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