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STYLE QUIZ Should you book a contemporary or rustic venue? Should it be downtown, or out-of-town? Answer these simple questions and find the perfect venue for your dream wedding. 1. What’s your go-to pair of shoes? a b c d e Heels Riding Boots Flats Boat Shoes Something I can dance in all night! Anything comfy f 2. a b c d e On Sundays, we can find you... Strolling Broadway in Saratoga At home for Sunday dinner with the family On Lake George or in the Adirondacks Taking a day trip Having a boozy brunch Local Farmers Market f

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a b c d e You plan to kick-off cocktail hour with a signature drink that is... Classic Sweet Bubbly Refreshing In a Copper Mug Local f 4. a b c d e

After dancing the night away, what tasty treat will you offer your guests? Sliders & Fries

Doughboys Food Trucks Cider Donuts Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Pizza f

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