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July Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers, Welcome to our July Newsletter, and a big warm welcome to the families who are joining us throughout July. It is lovely to see so many of the children returning and I am sure that everyone is eager to gain some ‘normality’ and routine, the staff are eagerly awaiting the children’s return. Please be assured that we have stringent policies in place to limit the risk of COVID-19 and these have been in place for some time whilst we have been operating during the pandemic. Click Here to view our full FAQs. Although we cannot guarantee that we will not have any cases of Coronavirus in the future, we would like to reassure you that so far, we have not had any reported cases. If we do have any cases, this will be reported to parents immediately. We have lots of fun planned for the children throughout July and we will be making the most of spending time outdoors, we will be holding our annual ‘Beach Party Week’ starting on 20 th July (weather permitting) and exploring various holiday destinations! We will also be holding a ‘Rainbow Day’ to celebrate our Key Workers on 14 th July.

July Newsletter

CURRENT STAFFING SITUATION Due to COVID-19, we have taken into account the individual circumstances of our staff members and any health issues they or their family members may have. If your child’s Key Person is not here, they have been allocated another Key Person until they return, you will be advised of who this. Here is a list of the staff members who will be present at the nursery from Monday 29 th June onwards.


Sophie Connolly

Shamyla Ahmed

Shannon Muscroft


Chloe Powell

Jess Bilton

Xenia Towers


Laura Grinlaw

Holly Griffin

Chloe Bradshaw

Helaina Fitton


Hayley Fryer

Charlotte Baker

Leila Ewen

Michaela Johnson


Clare McCaig

Dana Hawkes

Charlotte Mortin

Swans & Cygnets ‘Bubble’

Shoshanna Hall

Alia Ahmad

Sadie Bray

July Newsletter NEWS

Room Transitions We have had a lot of parents asking when their child will move to the next room, this will be September for all children with a view to have some ‘settle-in sessions’ during August. We will send you some information nearer the time to help support your child’s transition. Which room will my child be moving in to? Chicklets ➜ Goslings Ducklings/Goslings ➜ Cygnets Cygnets ➜ Swans

Parent’s Evening – Rescheduled Dates To minimise contact, our Parent’s Evening will be held on the following dates via telephone, your child’s Key Person will be in touch to arrange this. Please note that we can only allocate 10 minutes per child. Chicklets, Ducklings and Goslings: Tuesday 28 th July, 6:00 - 7:00pm Cygnets and Swans: Wednesday 29 th July, 6:00 - 7:30pm

Tapestry As we haven’t seen some for some of the children or such a long time, we would be most grateful if you could please share with us your child’s current interests, any milestones which they have met in their development or any changes to their daily routine. We would like to ensure that the children transition back into nursery as smoothly as possible and this information will really help us to support your child.

Country of the Month As many of us have had our summer holiday plans cancelled or postponed, we thought it would be nice to visit all of our favourite holiday destinations! Please post your pictures along with the country of your child’s favourite holiday destination on Tapestry to support our learning.

July Newsletter NEWS

Nursery Uniforms In preparation of the children who are moving to our Cygnet and Swan Rooms, we do require all children to wear a nursery uniform. This can be purchased from Rawcliffes Uniform Shop, 617 Roundhay Road, Roundhay, Leeds, LS8 4AR. We will also be holding a uniform sale over the summer, If any parents have any unwanted nursery uniform, we would be most grateful for any donations.

Sun Cream, Hats and Water Bottles With the warmer months upon us, please can you ensure you pack appropriate clothing for the warm weather such as hats and sun cream. We would recommend that you provide a sun cream which is ‘Factor 50’ and at least a 4-Star UVA Rating. For children who attend our Cygnets and Swans Room, please can you provide a named water bottle for your child that is dishwasher safe. All of these items can be left at the nursery.

Items & Toys From Home Please ensure your child does not bring any toys in from home, other than dummies and comforters (which will be used at sleep times and then put straight back in the child’s bag). Please can we ask that comforters are washed regularly.


On Tuesday 14th July, we will be celebrating our Key Workers by inviting the children to come in dressed as the colours of the rainbow. The children will have the chance to take part in lots of rainbow-themed activities!

July Newsletter BEACH PARTY WEEK

As lots of the children missed out on our first round of activities last month, we will be holding another Beach Party Week for all children on the week starting Monday 20 th July.

July Newsletter


We have been hard at work decorating and setting up our new outdoor space, which has recently been constructed in the small garden. This area has been made for the new group of Swan/Cygnet children who are returning to nursery today. They will form a new 'bubble' called the ‘Owls’ and will be looked after by our Swans Teacher Shoshanna Hall, as well as Qualified Practitioners Alia Ahmad and Sadie Bray. This new environment will still allow children to have access to the main garden area throughout the day while also ensuring our Social Distancing policies are upheld to protect the safety of the children and staff. Although they can’t play together at the moment, the Swan children who are already at the nursery are very excited to welcome their friends back and are looking forward to giving them a big wave and seeing one another from a safe distance.

July Newsletter

July Newsletter

Dish of the Month

Teriyaki Chicken

See our past selections on: 22streetlanenursery.co.uk/dish-of-the-month/


• 2 tbsp of toasted sesame oil • 6 skinless and boneless chicken thighs, sliced • 2 large garlic cloves, crushed • 1 thumb-sized piece of ginger, grated • 50g of runny honey • 30ml of light soy sauce • 1 tbsp of rice wine vinegar • 1 tbsp of sesame seeds, to serve • 4 spring onions, shredded, to serve • Sticky rice, to serve • Steamed bok choi or spring greens, to serve


1. Heat the oil in a non-stick pan over a medium heat. Then add the chicken and fry for 7 minutes, or until it turns golden. 2. Add the garlic and ginger, then fry for a further 2 minutes. Stir in the honey, soy sauce, vinegar and 100ml of water. 3. Bring to the boil and cook for around 5 minutes over a medium heat. At this point the chicken will be sticky and coated in a thick sauce. 4. Scatter the spring onions and sesame seeds over the top, then serve the chicken with the rice and steamed vegetables of your choice.

March Newsletter Chicklets Room News It has been lovely to welcome back more of our Chicklets during June and seeing them settle back into nursery life really well. They are all happy to be back at nursery with their friends. We have been doing lots of painting this month with the children. They have enjoyed painting colourful rainbows which are hung up outside the Chicklet and Duckling Rooms. We also collected leaves from the garden which the children then painted with. The Chicklets have also enjoyed painting their hands blue to make Father's Day cards for their daddy's. They then drew a picture inside using crayons once the cards were dry ready to send home. We have been going outside lots this month. The children have enjoyed exploring the mud kitchen and pretending to make food. They have shown an interest in the roleplay microwave, which they open and put different pots in. The children have also enjoyed the obstacle courses which staff have setup in the garden now that they are all walking. The children enjoy standing on the little bridge and walking over it whilst balancing on the blocks with help from staff.


March Newsletter

Ducklings Room News

The Ducklings have had a very busy June back at nursery and we have loved welcoming all of our Ducklings and our friends back to nursery! The Ducklings have spent most of their time in the garden enjoying the lovely days of sunshine (mostly)! One of our main interests at nursery has been the Gruffalo story and we have enjoyed exploring our gardens in search of the 'Gruffalo'. We found some leaves and sticks from the Gruffalo trail and we used them to mark-make with paint back in the Ducklings Room! The Ducklings have loved using their creative skills to mark-make over the past few weeks by using different resources to create their own pictures! We have spoken about colours and experimented with mixing them together and discussing the new colours we were able to make. We have also spent time looking at the numbers 1-10 and doing number recognition. The children have done excellent with this and we have been introducing numbers into our activities to encourage this. As we normally have June come in for ‘Tiny Dancer’s’ on a Tuesday, we have introduced our own 15 minute dancing/singing sessions every morning. The children absolutely love it and we introduce new nursery rhymes each week, while also mixing in some of our past favourites!


March Newsletter

Goslings Room News

We have loved welcoming back the Goslings and they have all settled back in amazingly! Over the last few weeks we have been discussing emotions and how being back at Nursery with our friends has made us feel. The Goslings said they were very happy and excited to be back at Nursery! They have been fantastic with their hygiene, consistently washing hands and keeping our surroundings clean and tidy. Over the last few weeks we have had a range of interests from the children, with Space being one of our favourites. Our favourite book has been 'Stella to Earth' where a little girl uses her imagination to fly in a rocket to space. We decided to use our own imaginations to get into our rockets and countdown to blast off to space. We have also been exploring the planets and learning the names, as well as creating our own rockets using shapes! The Goslings have also been engaged in many challenging activities specifically linked to mathematics. We have been doing lots of shape identification and completing puzzles which required matching the shapes in the right places. We have also been very interested in numbers, counting objects in play and using counting language throughout activities.


March Newsletter

Cygnets Room News

We have loved welcoming more of the Cygnets back to nursery this month. The Cygnets have enjoyed learning about volcanoes and loved our science experiment to make our own volcano. We created the lava by using a combination of baking soda and vinegar, which was great fun! We have also had a space-themed week, learning about the planets in the solar system and even learnt a new song to help us remember the planets. The Cygnets have enjoyed spending most of their time in the garden with a mixture of sunshine and showers, but we have loved water fun in the sun and dancing in the rain! This month we have been exploring ice pop painting, making bubble wands, rescuing animals from ice and exploring maths with dice and number matching. We even created our own ice-cream bar, the Cygnets used money to buy an ice pop smoothie from the ‘ice-cream man'. This was a great hit with the Cygnets. We look forward to what July will bring us.


March Newsletter

Swans Room News

This month we have started our 'school readiness' activities with the Swans children in preparation for them starting big school in September! We have been reading lots of stories about starting school and have been drawing our school uniforms. We have also been having lots of discussions about what joining a new school might be like during these times. This month we have also been looking at growth and measurement as the Swans children have been speaking to us about much they have grown during lockdown! We used the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' to support this theme and the children got involved in some lovely activities, including growing our very own magic beanstalk in the Swans Room! We have also been growing grass heads, measuring one another and practising using rulers. We also decided to have a dinosaur week as this is a huge interest of the children at the moment. The children made their own salt dough dinosaur fossils, went on dinosaur hunts in the nursery garden and got involved in lots of dinosaur craft.


July Newsletter

*ATTENTION* Important Information - Please Read

High Temperatures & Fevers Please can we remind parents that children cannot attend nursery if they have a high temperature (over 38 ° C). If a child develops a temperature whilst at nursery, parents will be called to collect them, as supported by our policies and procedures. We can administer non-prescribed Calpol for a temperature, although we must first receive permission in writing. HMRC Additional Funding Code (3 & 4 year old - 30 hours) If you are eligible and in receipt of additional 3 & 4 year-old funding, look out for a prompt every three months from HMRC to reconfirm your details so that your eligibility can be re-assessed. If you do not do this, please note that we are unable to claim the funding on your behalf. Absence Please note that we are unable to swap days or offer an alternative day if your child is absent from nursery. We are now extremely busy, and it is impossible for us to do this for all children. This is stated in our terms and conditions. Thank you for your cooperation. Car Park Closure and Drop-Off/Collection The car park will remain shut and all parents should access the nursery via the pedestrian gate. The arrival and departure for each room continues to uphold our Social Distancing policy. We’d like to thank all parents for their patience since these measures have been put in place. -

July Newsletter Upcoming Events Tuesday 14 th July Rainbow Day W/C Monday 20 th July Beach Week Party Tuesday 21 st & Wednesday 22 nd July Parent’s Evening (Via Telephone) Monday 31 st August Summer Holiday, Nursery CLOSED

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