2017 PurolatorTECH Interchange

Oil Filter Interchange Group7 and Promotive PurolatorTECH PurolatorTECH brings together Purolator’s entire line of professional grade filters into one program and replaces the Group7 and Promo- tive product lines. PurolatorTECH oil filters are manufactured to meet or exceed manufacturer’s performance requirements, incorporating the latest in filtration technology at a competitive price with broad coverage and quick speed to market.

TECH Part #

Group7 Equivalent

Promotive Equivalent

Coverage Type

TECH Part #

Group7 Equivalent

Promotive Equivalent

Coverage Type

TL10028 TL10111 TL10241 TL12222 TL14006 TL14459* TL14460* TL14476 TL14477* TL14610* TL14612 TL14615 TL14619 TL14670* TL15309 TL15313 TL15315 TL15317 TL15436 TL15465 TL15505 TL15607 TL15839 TL16311 TL17019 TL20073 TL20195* TL20252 TL22500* TL24011 TL24457 TL24466* TL24651* TL25247 TL25274

New Coverage

TL25276 TL25277



— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —



New Coverage

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —



TL25288 V5288

PH5288 PH5401 PH5536 PH5545 PH5608 PH5609 PH5646 PH5692 PH5702 PH5848 PH6127 PH4631 PH5234 PH5280 PH5399 PH5476 PH5581 PH5610 — PH1A —

V2222 V4006 V4612 V4612 V4476 V4476 V4612 V4612 V4615 V4619 V5309 V5313 V5315 V5317 V5436 V5465 V5505 V5607 V5839 V195

PH2222 PH4006 PH4612 PH4612 PH4476 PH4476 PH4612 PH4612 PH4615 PH4619 PH4670 PH5309 PH5313 PH5315 PH5317 PH5436 PH5465 PH5505 PH5607 PH5839

TL25401 TL25536 TL25545

V5401 V5536 V5545

TL25608 V5608 TL25609 V5609 TL25646 V5646

TL25692 TL25702

V5692 V5702

TL25848 V5848

TL26127 TL28161 TL30001 TL30005 TL34631 TL35234 TL35399 TL35476 TL35581 TL35610 TL35895 TL36135 TL36296 TL38154 TL38157 TL44757 TL44872 TL45335 TL45526 TL46128


New Coverage


New Coverage

V4631 V5234

TL35280 V5280

V5399 V5476 V5581 V5610



New Coverage

— —

New Coverage

V6135 V6296

PH6135 PH6296

TL20064* V4457


— —

— —

New Coverage

New Coverage New Coverage

V195 V252

PH195 PH252

— — — — — —

V4757 V4872

PH4757 PH4872 PH5308 PH5335 PH5526 PH6128

V2500 V4011 V4457 V2500 V5247 V5274 V252

PH2500 PH4011 PH4457 PH252 PH4651 PH5247 PH5274

TL45308 V5308

V5335 V5526 V6128

Call our Filter Hotline for more information at 800-526-4250 Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. EST Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. EST

* indicates deconsolidated part numbers. Refer to the PurolatorTECH catalog for application details.


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