Organic Insights - Spring 2022

Organic Insights / Spring 2022 / 25

There is most definitely a place in everyone's kitchen for preserved lemons. This bright and versatile pickle of sorts is a very useful staple to have in the pantry or fridge. Like most great things, it doesn't require much intervention to take a perfect lemon and preserve it, adding flavour and texture to so many dishes. It's the zing you never knew you needed! Preserved lemons are used throughout Moroccan, Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine - there's absolutely no limit to where they can be added though; think salads, casseroles, dressings, sauces, pasta and dips. You are only limited by your imagination, so let nothing stop you! Go wild and transform your next dish. This preservation technique results in an intense lemony delight, that can take a dish frommediocrity, to sublime, and you'll wonder how you ever did without them! LEMONS, SALT & TIME – IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE. LET'S GO!


mandy hall Spring recipe

top up the brine in the jar. Sprinkle a fine layer of salt on top, clean the rim and sides of the jar thoroughly, and secure the lid. Set aside in a cool, dark spot for 6-8 weeks. Check each week, and if required, give the jar lid a 1/4 turn, to release any potential build-up, then retighten and continue to store. You will see that the brine becomes gel-like, which means the lemons are ready. Store them unopened in the pantry for a year or so. Once opened, store them in the fridge where they will keep for such a long time, a year plus. To use, rinse an entire piece under water, remove and discard the pulp (some recipes will call for the pulp also), and chop the soft rind as required.

Enjoy! @mandyhallfood

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