Educational Trustees Meeting

Minutes of the GFTU Educational Trust

November 2017

Present: Lynn Ambler, Dami Benbow, John Callow, Doug Nicholls, Steve Orchard, Angela Pratten, Alice Prochaska, Maddy Radcliff, Michael Sanders, John Smith, Antionietta Torsiello, Oshor Williams

In attendance: Michael Dick, Sue Malden (for the first half of the meeting)

1. Apologies

Apologies were received from: Charlotte Appleyard, Nadine Rae & Bindu Paul

2. New Members

There were no new members.

3. Support for Governors, good governance and relevant paperwork

Doug Nicholls provided an overview of the Educational Trust, its aims and the scope of its charitable work. John Smith explained the role of trustees and the statutory framework that governs members of the Trust.

4. Minutes of the previous meeting.

The minutes of the previous meeting had not been available. This item was put back.

5. Matters arising from the previous minutes.

This item was put back to the next meeting.

Item 8 on the agenda was consequently moved forward to become the new item 6.

6. History Project – BECTU

Michael Dick and Sue Malden gave a presentation, including audio visuals, about their work on the BECTU History Project and website. Doug Nicholls expressed the hope that there would be a close dialogue between GFTU Educational Trust and BECTU over the project.

7. New Build

The Secretary outlined the plans for the new build at Quorn. 10 new houses were to be built on the site currently occupied by the Lodge. It was estimated that this would bring in a rental income of £85k per annum. At the hotel, there would be an additional 25 rooms and the extension of the existing function room (the Goodacre Suite).

There had been difficulties with the initial architect.

There would be an extra £130k increase on the extension of the function room.


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