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May 5 (Saturday) VOTING EARLY

April 28 (Saturday) Nominations

May 9 (Wednesday) Polling


X General election staff X Police and army personnel

X Prisons Department X Fire and Rescue Department X Staff of government hospitals and clinics X Police volunteers

X Civil Defence Force X Immigration Department X National Disaster Management Agency X Registration Department staff

X Media personnel X Members of the

Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency

International and local observers are allowed to observe at places including nomination centres, early voting centres, polling centres, vote counting centres and official vote tallying centres.’’ – Tan Sri MohdHashimAbdullah Election Commission chairman

X Campaign period: 11 days (from nomination to 11.59pm on 8 May 2018) FACTSTHATFIGURE

X Early voters (Military/Police): 300,255 X 8,989 polling centres X 28,995 polling streams X 222 returning officers X 445 election enforcement squads X 259,391 election workers

X Absentee voters overseas: 3,653 X Cost of conducting GE14: RM500 million

X Registered voters: 14,940,624

X Regular voters: 14,636,716

X 14 countries from Asean, Commonwealth, Asia and Europe invited to send international observers

X 14 NGOs and university representatives appointed as local observers.


SunGraphic by A.Kogulan

BY G. SURACH newsdesk@thesundaily.com P UTRAJAYA: Polling day for the 14th general election (GE14) has been set for Wednesday, May 9, said ElectionCommission (EC) chairman Tan Sri MohdHashimAbdullah. In a press conference at EC headquarters yesterday, Mohd Hashim also announced that nomination day will be on April 28 while early voting will be held on May 5. “The campaigning period is set for 11 days, from nomination day

ECannounces POLLING DATE for 14.9million voters

Thosewho registered in 2018 NOTELIGIBLE to vote

until 11.59pmonMay 8.” He said the EC has appointed 222 electionmanagement officerswhile monitoring activities throughout the campaigningperiodwill be enforced by 4 4 5 t e ams o f E l e c t i on Campaigning Enforcement officers nationwide. GE14 will cost about RM500 million,making it themost expensive

election in the country’s history. The previous elections cost RM400 million. “About 259,390 polling and countingagentshavebeenappointed by the EC comprising the public to handle polling operations. “The nationwide exercise will also see EC utilise 8,989 polling centres comprising 28,995 voting

streams,” he said. Mohd Hashim said the electoral roll for GE14 contains figures as of Dec 31, 2017. This means that those who registered as voters in 2018will not be eligible to vote inGE14. In this election, there will be 14,940,624 registered voters consisting of 14,636,716 normal voters, 300,255 early voters from the

military and police as well as their spouses and 3,653 voters outside the country. He added that the EC has invited 14 countries from Asean, the Commonwea l t h , As i an and European countries to serve as international observers.


‘Black LivesMatter’ scamrunbywhiteman SYDNEY: A high-level Australian union official was suspended yes- terday amid claims he was involved in a fake “Black Lives Matter” Fa- cebook page that raked in thou- sands of dollars in donations. followers – more than twiceasmany as the official Black Lives Matter page – before it was suspended. It allegedly ran fundraising campaigns, earning more than US$100,000 (RM387,200) purport- edly for Black Lives Matters causes in the US. CNN claimed some of the moneywas transferred toAustralian bank accounts, raising new ques- tions about the integrity of Face- book’s platform and the content hosted there. The official, who is Caucasian, was linked to the fake page and Broadcaster CNN reported that the fake page had almost 700,000

other black rights websites by the broadcaster. The union, which represents workers across various industries, said two other people had also been suspended. “(We) have launched an investi- gation into the claims and have

suspended the relevant officials pending the outcome,” its na- tional secretary said in a state- ment. “The union is not involved in and has not authorised any activities with reference to claims made in CNN’s story.” – AFP

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