Morrisville Town Center Plan - 2007

Adopted by the Morrisville Board of Commissioners on January 22, 2007

Town of Morrisville Board of Commissioners Mayor Jan Faulkner

Mayor Pro-Tem Pete Martin Commissioner Hill Carrow Commissioner Liz Johnson Commissioner Linda Lyons Commissioner Tom Murry Commissioner Mike Snyder

Town of Morrisville Planning & Zoning Board Peter Prichard (Chair) Ward Mercer (Vice Chair)

Esther Dunnegan Kathleen Gordon John B. Gretz

Michael Roberts (Alternate) Catherine Willis (Alternate)

Town of Morrisville Staff John Whitson, Town Manager Stacie Galloway, Public Information Officer

Town of Morrisville Development Services Staff Tim Gauss, Senior Director for Development Services Natalie Spencer, Senior Administrative Assistant

Town of Morrisville Planning Staff (Primary Author of the Town Center Plan) Ben Hitchings, Planning Director Rodney Wadkins, Senior Planner Courtney Tanner, Planner II Michele Hane, Planner II John Barnard, Code Enforcement Officer Bynum Walter, Planning Intern (summer 2006)

Planning Consultants Raybould Associates LLC (Warren Raybould, Betsy Kane, Russell Stephenson) Edwin F. Harris, FAIA, Designer

Harrison Marshall, Buck Engineering, Transportation Planner Randall Gross/Development Economics, Market Economist

Special thanks to the residents of Morrisville and all the participants in the Town Center planning process for their help in crafting this plan.

Cover Design: Ernest Dollar for the Town of Morrisville; Cover Photos: Train Tracks – Ernest Dollar; Citizens participate in the Town Center Design Workshop – Bynum Walter, Town of Morrisville; Detail from Town Center Concept Design – Raybould Associates for the Town of Morrisville; Steeple of Christian Church – Ben Hitchings, Town of Morrisville; Page House - Ben Hitchings, Town of Morrisville.

© 2007 Town of Morrisville

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