PW Head PPE Range


Suitable to be worn with disposable respirators.


BizWeld Plus Welding Helmet EN 166 1 S EN 175 F EN 379 4 / 9-13 ; 1/1/1/2


4 Point adjustable harness design for optimum fit. Solar cells power and lithium batteries back up, increase the working time to over 5,000 hours. Equipped with a superior optical quality LCD Filter Suitable for:


Auto-darkening welding helmet, which switches from a light to dark state when welding activity starts. Light state is DIN 4; Dark state is adjustable from DIN 9 to DIN 13 using the external knob. Response time from light to dark state is 0.04 milliseconds; return from dark to clear state in 0.03-0.04 sec. Power is supplied by solar cells with 2 built-in lithium batteries to offer power back-up for longer service life. No need for replacement batteries.

ARC MIG MAG(CO2) TIG Welding Plasma cutting Grinding.

Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Nylon Black



BizWeld Plus Replacement Lens EN 166

x30 x10 5

Manual exterior DIN control for dark shade: 9-13 DIN

Outer lens for the BizWeld Plus Welding Helmet. Sold in sets of 5. Dimension: 114 x 90 mm.

Polycarbonate Clear

Large viewing area: 91mm x 42mm


Welding Safety Eye Screen EN 166 1 F EN 169 SHADE 5 Multipurpose Shade 5 lens with lateral protection and adjustable arms for customized comfort.

300 12 AS

Adjustable arm length

Polycarbonate Green Shade 5 lens, Black Temple


Welding Goggle EN 166 1 F EN 175 F EN 169 SHADE 5

120 10

Welding goggle with wide lens. Effective protection for all welding operations requiring a shade 5 level of protection. Soft frame for comfortable wearing.

Ultra soft frame

Polycarbonate Bottle Green


Gas Welding Goggle EN 166 1 F EN 175 F

120 10

When using oxyacetylene for gas cutting or welding, the PW60 offers high performance with a shade factor 5. A soft comfortable frame with flip up lens allows the goggle to be used for grinding operations.


Clear polycarbonate safety lenses Bottle Green


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