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Endurance Glowing Helmet EN 397 +50°C/-30°C; MM; LD; 440VAC EN 50365 CLASS:0

20 LD MM PG54

Endurance helmet with 6 points textile harness and wheel ratchet adjustable size 56-63cm. The ABS shell is made with special photo-luminescent additive colour, that accumulates the light in well lit places and release the shining effect in very low or no light conditions – i.e. it glows in the dark. Sold with 4 points chin strap included.

ABS White Adjustable 56-63 cm 472g

Glows in the Dark



Vented for Extra Air-flow

Endurance Carbon Look Helmet EN 397 -30*C/+50°C LD Endurance vented helmet with ABS shell and 6 points textile harness. Wheel ratchet adjustable size 56-63cm. Innovative eye catching carbon fibre design manufactured from permanent high quality hydro dipped paint. Sold with 4 points chin strap included. ABS Assorted Grey Adjustable 56-63 cm 465g

PC55 20 LD

New and Innovative Hydro Dipped Paint

Forestry Combi Kit EN 397 -30°C/+50°C, LD EN 352-3 EN 1731 F


Vented for Extra Air-flow


Professional Combi kit, contains: • Vented ABS safety helmet with wheel ratchet, adjustable size 56-63cm cm (PS55). • High performances ear muffs in ABS material, adjustable in height for better fit (PW47). • Reinforced visor holder and mesh visor (PS58).


ABS Helmet, Mesh Visor, ABS/Polystyrene Ear protector. Orange Adjustable 56cm - 63cm 795g

H: 32 dB M: 26 dB L: 19 dB

SNR 29dB

Vented for Extra Air-flow


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