Bullard GVX Abrasive Blasting Respirator

Component Concept The Bullard GVX Series airline respirators consist of five components (Figure 1) All components must be present and properly assembled to constitute a complete NIOSH approved respirator.

➍ Flow Control Devices*

Without Climate Control

With Climate Control

Constant F30 Series

Adjustable F40 Series

Cool Only AC1000 Frigitron DC5040

Heat/Cool HC2400

➊ Helmet

➎ Air Supply Hose Series*

Helmet Shell ➀

High Pressure Compressed Air Source

Low Pressure Ambient Air Pump

Suspension Inner and Outer Window Lenses

V10 3/8" ID

V20 1/2" ID

Protection HEAD: GVX series respirators meet ANSI Standard Z89.1 Type 1, Class C for protective headwear for industrial workers. The helmet is designed to provide limited head protection by reducing the force of falling objects strik- ing the top of the head. FACE: GVX Series respirators meet ANSI Standard Z87.1 (High Impact Z87+) for face protection. The use of both lenses provide limited face protection from flying particles, spray or hazardous liquids, but the lenses are not shatterproof. EARS: GVX series respirators DO NOT provide hearing protection. Use properly fitted earmuffs, earplugs, and/or other hearing protection when exposed to high noise levels. Air Quality Respirable breathing (Grade D or better as defined by the Compressed Gas Association Specification G-7.1 as specified by Federal Law 42 CFR, Part 84, Subpart J, 84.141(b) and 29 CFR 1910.134(i)) must be supplied at the point of attachment of the air supply hose. Air Source Locate the source of supplied air whether it is a compressor or ambient air pump in a clean environment. Locate the air source far enough away from the work site to ensure the intake air remains contaminant free. Always use an inlet filter and as necessary suitable after cooler/dryers, filters, carbon monoxide monitors and alarms to assure clean breathable air at all times.

Cape ➁

Breathing Tube

Flow Control Device

Air Supply Hose ➄

Figure 1

Supplying Grade “D” or Higher Air Quality * See Parts & Accessories for all part numbers and product descriptions

➋ Capes

With 3rd Hand Tab Assist

Without 3rd Hand Tab Assist

Poncho Style


46VX/13VX 21VX/21821 36VX/36XLVX

“Golden Gate” Cap Sleeve Long Sleeve Hibernia Parka



➌ Breathing Tubes




Component Concept 10 GVXBT




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