Joseph Kent


My Spiritual Evolution and Poetry M y early experiences lead me to embrace the truth with an open mind and grasp of whatever rang true to me. I was unmethodical, intuitive, and aimless in my search for material that helped me grow and vibrated within my consciousness. One day out driving through Roxbury to Back Bay with a friend “Red,” I experienced a subtle tension within my chest—in the solar plexus. I asked Red if he would drive me to the Boston City Hospital so I could get a diagnosis or glimpse of my condition. We drove over to the City Hospital, but the tension within stopped. So, I went with Red to the Prudential Center, where we met with another friend “Willie.” They were observing cars, not my interest, so I asked to remain in the car while they shopped at the local car dealers. I stayed in Red’s car, passively observing the Prudential Building’s Tower when I felt an abrupt tension or twinge again from within similar to the earlier experience on

the way to Boston City Hospital. When Red and Willie returned, I asked to be driven home to my house on Dudley Street in Roxbury where I immediately went upstairs to my room and there I had an amazing epiphany while lying on my bed. This seemed to be the beginning of my mystic life. I read voluminously from that point on that includes Seers of the East, the classic Mysticism by Evelyn Underhill, Alan Watts, Colin Wilson, and Western thinkers and seers—explorations in consciousness. I am dwelling on this because it seemed to be my connection to writing and poetry. I met apoet inNewYorkCity,who influenced me with his writing and prescience. That experience seemed to be the start of my interest in poetry. That’s what I wanted to do—write poems. So I began scribbling poetry in a little cult diary I kept. But I saw that I lacked knowledge of the language— English. From that point on I studied the structure of English and read poetry to myself.

PAPER Clips | ISSUE NO. 41


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