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Controlling your Valuable Asset

Due to the increase in suppliers, invoices and transaction within the business system, an integrated environment that can intuitively and easily help support the business is integral to tighter cost controls and management of the budget. Specific areas that require a more considered and detailed approach to business management during the development phase are:

Financial Management Along with specific cost controls through the use of specific functions such as purchase ordering and inventory controls as the site develops, mining companies may also look to use more robust budgeting and forecasting tools to understand the expenses associated with the mine plan as it is being developed. Using more robust budgeting and forecasting tools provide greater control and more granular reporting over the planned mine life. Contractor Management Contractors may now be involved in providing studies and early material moving for pilot pits and therefore milestone payment tracking, and possible asset take on will be required. Many of the contractors will utilise their own tools during this phase and look to manage asset take on and stock under a project banner.


However, planning the take on of these assets and other overheads once operational need to be considered.

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