2016 RROC Product Catalog


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My friend, Last year, we tried a huge experiment. We changed the size of the catalog, the layout, the colors, the typography, and perhaps of greatest importance, we even changed the products we offered. We had no idea how you might respond to this radical change. To be honest, we were shocked by how positive your response was. Based on the comments we received, and more importantly, based on our sales, both the catalog and the new items we offered were a big hit. We thank you for responding so positively. This year we have, again, added more new merchandise in a number of areas. Some of these items were suggested by our members. It is great when you take the time to let us know what you would like to see us offer. Asweenter2016, I feel compelledtopointout that this isavery important year for theRROC. Wewereestablished in 1951 which makes this our 65 th Anniversary! Perhaps that does not sound like such a huge accomplishment to you? Well, the world is littered with corporations that have failed to reach 65…..and a truly staggering number of automobile companies have failed far short of making it. Remember if you will, names like Polaroid Cameras and Dumont Televisions or car brands like Mercury, Plymouth, and Saab! We should all be very proud to be a part of an organization that is as dynamic, vibrant, and respected as we are….especially at our age! To commemorate our 65th Anniversary we have created a number of gift items all displaying a special anniversary design. These include: hats, wine glasses, coffee mugs, lapel pins, and key fobs. Without a doubt, the most impressive of these is the beautiful 65 th Anniversary car badge which graces the cover of this catalog. Just 65 of these numbered badges will be produced, so if you want to purchase one…act immediately!

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