Newsletter No. 2 - 2014/15 - Top Division Clubs in Europe


No. 2 - 2014/15

on the Status of Transfers and Players and introduce a new article 12 bis, which requires clubs to comply with their contractual obligations towards players and other clubs. The new article provides a clear definition of what constitutes an overdue payable and allows for creditors to contact FIFA for a fast track procedure. Sanctions on non- conforming parties are wide ranging, with repeated violation seen as an aggravating factor. The new article is without prejudice to Article 17. TPO The present Members were reminded that FIFA had decided in late 2014 to ban the practice outright following a transitional period, meaning that a contract using TPO signed before the 1st of January 2015 would remain valid until its expiry date, but it would not be able to be prolonged. Contracts signed in the first four months of 2015 could include TPO for a maximum of one year. Any contract signed as of 1st May 2015 could not include any form of TPO. New articles were adopted by the FIFA Executive Committee and included in the Regulations on the Status of Transfers and Players, explicitly prohibiting the use of TPO. Members were told that all TPO contracts both for domestic and international agreements had to be uploaded in the FIFA TMS by the 30th of April 2015. It was underlined that the transition towards a TPO-free transfer system was not easy and that legal cases against the ban had been launched. MINORS It was explained that international transfers of minors of the first registration in a foreign country had to be pre-approved by the FIFA Sub- Committee on minors. This approval was a pre- condition for the ITC to be requested and then delivered. Recent years have also seen an increase in U12 cross border movement, which has led to FIFA adjusting the age for approval of a transfer from 12 to 10.

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ECA GENERAL ASSEMBLY The 14th ECA General Assembly took place on the 30th and 31st of March in Stockholm and saw the participation of 143 Member Clubs. The event obviously centred on the announcement of the two landmark collaboration agreements with FIFA and UEFA., which are dealt with in more detail in the relevant UEFA and FIFA sections of the Newsletter.

NEW EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBER Further to the resignation of Aušrys Labinas (FK Ekranas), Dino Selimović (FK Sarajevo) was elected by the ECA 4th Subdivision Clubs to join the ECA Executive Board for the remaining period of the running membership cycle, which lasts until the end of the 2014/15 season. The ECA Executive Board elections for the upcoming 2015-17 membership cycle will take place at the occasion of the 15th ECA General Assembly on the 7th and 8th of September 2015. PLAYER AND TRANSFER MATTERS An important item on the agenda dealt with Player and Transfer Matters. The Members were informed that a number of important developments had taken place in the last few months with a significant impact on clubs. The main areas of focus included overdue payables, TPO, minors, intermediaries, international match calendar compliance and relations with FIFPro. OVERDUE PAYABLES It was explained that overdue payables was a recurring issue, both between clubs and players and clubs themselves, that needed tackling urgently. This had led FIFA to adapt its Regulations

I NTERMEDIARIES Members were informed that the new regulations entered into force on 1st of April 2015, following the


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