APi Group Employees_Paid Time Off Programs

APi Group Inc. Corporate Employees Paid Time Off Program Effective January 1, 2017

Paid Time Off (PTO) Regular full-time employees whose regular work schedule includes working at least 40 hours per week are eligible to accrue Paid Time Off (PTO). You begin accruing PTO at the start of your employment with the company. Our current accrual period (quarterly) will remain as-is until implementation of Microsoft AX, and then PTO will accrue every pay period. PTO replaces our former policy which offered two separate banks of time: Sick and Vacation. Existing employees at the time of the policy change will see their available vacation hours converted to PTO hours (up to 160 hours maximum) effective January 1, 2017. Additional unused vacation hours above the 160-hour carryover limit will be forfeited. Any unused sick hours will be frozen and no additional sick time will be accrued. Those sick hours remain available to use for the remainder of your employment with the company for reasons of illness or injury, for yourself or an immediate family member. Your available PTO can be used for any reason, including but not limited to: vacations, illness, injury, family needs, safety, birthdays, medical appointments, religious holidays, personal days and so on. It is your responsibility to get approval from your supervisor for planned absences such as vacation, and notify your supervisor as quickly as possible for unplanned absences, such as illness.

Every effort will be made to accommodate your PTO requests. However,

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