APi Group Employees_Paid Time Off Programs

responsibilities. This would run concurrently with paid maternity leave, not in addition to it. State leave laws may also apply. When you need to take a leave of absence, make sure to report it to the Leave Administration Team – (888) 408-7300 – for ease of coordination and application of appropriate leave laws. To be eligible for paid maternity leave you must meet the same eligibility as required under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). That is, you must have completed one full year of service and worked at least 1,250 hours in that year (or at least 24 hours/week). The paid maternity leave is not offered to employees whose benefits are controlled by a Collective Bargaining Agreement. For part-time employees: if you have met the eligibility requirements above (regularly working 24+ hours per week, and completed one full year of service with at least 1,250 hours) then you would be eligible for paid maternity leave. Your maternity leave pay would mirror your regular work schedule. For example, if you regularly work 28 hours per week, you would receive 6 weeks of maternity leave pay at the rate of 28 hours per week. If your work hours vary, then we will use an average over the prior 12 months to establish the appropriate rate of weekly maternity leave pay. For adoption cases: an adopted child is technically anyone through age 17. It could also include someone age 18 or older if they are disabled. The federal and/or state leave of absence is meant to allow the family to get the child settled into the new home following the adoption. For leaves of absence related to childbirth or adoption, documentation will be required. You would submit this documentation as part of your FMLA paperwork to the APi Group Leave Administration Team. Call (888) 408-7300 to file a leave request.

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