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Editor’s Letter

Welcome to term 4 EnviroKids! Final school holidays are almost upon us, and before you know it, the Sun will set on another year. Talking about our star, did you know that one million Earth’s could fit inside the Sun? Our Sun sustains all life on Earth, provides us with warmth, energy and light, and is truly remarkable – read more about it on page 8 . One million is a large number, but is tiny compared to the size of Earth’s population, which is sitting on around 7,6 billion. The youth accounts for a large portion of this number, and it is estimated that around 360 000 babies are born every day, yet our resources are dwindling. More than ever, it is important for our youth to be mobilised and join in on conversations that matter.

Read about how you can have your voice heard on page 23 . One topic that tops the list for important conversations is our natural resources and how to preserve them. Did you know that only around 1% of the world’s water is accessible and drinkable? Learn more on page 18 . When we consider our future, some- times it’s important to take a look at the past. Turn to page 14 to find out more about fossils and what the past can tell us about life on Earth. I hope this issue of EnviroKids proves useful for term 4, and that you feel encouraged to take a moment and wonder at all our natural beauty. Speaking of wonders, did you know that Table Mountain in Cape Town is one of the New7Wonders of Nature? Turn to page 10 to find out why.

6 Marvel at Earth. Learn about our beautiful planet. 8 Take a trip to our Sun. 9 Howling at our Moon. Learn about this celestial body. 10 New7Wonders of Nature. Thumbs up for Cape Town! 12 Astronomy. Look up at the stars and understand the science behind them. 14 Fossils. Come take a dig at these interesting facts. 18 Water One of our most precious resources. 20 Meet our trees. Our gorgeous green, source of oxygen! Learn This 16 Animals: Here's a list of Endangered Species and how you can protect them.

24 Have some fun with this crossword and these math questions. 25 Cut out and create your own Mrs Ples!

2 Enviro News. What’s been happening in our environment. 4 Calendar. Diarise these dates and celebrate. 5 Book Club. Here’s our top picks of must-read books this term. 22 Language Corner. Learn to speak in 5 of our 11 official languages. Regulars

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About the Cover The team at WESSA uMngeni Valley are a passionate bunch. There’s nothing about our beautiful planet, and more importantly our magnificent country, that doesn’t excite them. Pictured is a team of school-goers enjoying a breath-taking view at WESSA’s education centre uMngeni Valley in KwaZulu-Natal.

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