Wolverine State 0345 GLDD Survey Rpt Dtd20110914


THIS IS TO CERTIFY that the undersigned Surveyor did, on 14 September 2011, attend the launch, WOLVERINE STATE, Official No. 597342, while the vessel lay afloat at Morgan City, LA, in order to ascertain the general condition of the vessel and report as follows: GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The launch WOLVERINE STATE is an all welded, steel, hull constructed by Brown and Root, Inc. of Ingleside, TX in 1978. REGISTERED DESCRIPTION: Length: 47’; Breadth: 18’; Depth: 7.2’; Gross Tons: 42 HP: 340 The vessel is fitted with a full main deck with an accommodation house and machinery casing covering machinery and storage spaces below the main deck The main deck is protected with a bulwark extending from the bow, through both port and starboard sides and around the stern. The bulwark extends up from the deck 12” at the bow, port and starboard sides to 28” aft. The hull sides are protected by a segmented rubber piece assembled tube like fender located at the gunwale. The shell plating was examined as accessible with the vessel afloat and no significant damages were noted. A liferail was fitted to the deck house sides 44”from the deck forward and 46” from the deck aft in way of the machinery casing. An access ladder is installed on the main deck, forward, on centerline extending to the upper deck. DECK FITTINGS: One double bitt mooring was located in way of the after main deck on centerline. Two single bitt moorings were located port and starboard side aft of the deck house Two mooring winches were installed in way of the after main deck port and starboard sides. Two single bitt moorings were installed in way of the main deck forward of the house port and starboard sides. One double bitt mooring was located on the main deck forward on centerline. HULL COMPARTMENTATION: Forward void space Forward (of machinery space) storage space Machinery space After F/O tank After rudder space Accommodation space Galley space WOLVERINE STATE - 1 -

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