Pavillon Gabriel VUK

P avillon Gabriel Another day dawns in the gardens of the Champs-Élysées… And in the Pavillon Gabriel, the curtain rises on a stage set for another day of events, excitement and laughter. In the 19 th century, this venue was a café chantant known as the Alcazar d’Été and it echoed with the sounds of music and clinking china. It then fell into disuse, before being revived by Potel et Chabot in 1970. Now, this uniquely relaxing and stimulating venue bustles with activity once again… Designed for celebrities The café chantant was designed by architect Jacques Hittorff in 1841, and opened its doors in 1860. Inspired by ancient classical architecture, its pediments supported by sculpted columns, the Pavillon has welcomed many well-known and well-remembered artists to its halls: Paulus, Mayol, Dranem and Yvette Guilbert may not be household names, but who has not heard of Mistinguett and Maurice Chevalier? Over the years, the venue has served many purposes. It was even used as a Red Cross depot in 1918. It was closed down in the late 1920s, but saved from abandon by Maurice Bataille, owner of Potel et Chabot, in 1970.

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