PR10 2 Meter Low Noise Preamplifier Kit

TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE The only possible causes for malfunction of the PR10 are faulty or incorrectly installed parts. Re-check your work. Transistor replacement information is provided. Poor performance such as oscillation can be caused by bad parts- mounting (excessive lead length of resistors or capacitors). Erratic operation will be traced to poor input, output, or voltage connections, or a faulty solder connection. CONCLUSION Please make sure your preamplifier is working as originally designed and that you read the terms of the Ramsey Kit Warranty before attempting any modification of your kit. We hope you’ll enjoy the added receiving performance offered by your Ramsey PR10 and that you’ll look forward to building other Ramsey kits for VHF, HF...and for fun! We sincerely hope that you will enjoy the use of this Ramsey product. As al- ways, we have tried to compose our manual in the easiest, most “user friendly” format that is possible. As our customers, we value your opinions, comments, and additions that you would like to see in future publications. Please submit comments or ideas to: Ramsey Customer Use Only Not For Ramsey Electronics, Inc. Attn. Hobby Kit Department 590 Fishers Station Drive Victor, NY 14564 or email us at: And once again, thanks from the folks at Ramsey!


PR10  12

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