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When I was 14, my lifelong ambition was to see a grizzly in the wild. Some girls my age ached to meet Britney Spears, or pierce their navels, but not me. I was all about bears. It was thrilling, then, on a summer road trip to the Rocky Mountains, when my family and I found ourselves gawping at a full-grown Ursus arctos foraging in a meadow some 200 yards away. My photographer mother was at the wheel, and her second-in-command was overcome by the jubilant hysterics of a teenage girl realizing her dream, so it was down to my father to document the moment with our video camera. Upon arriving home, the first thing I wanted to do was see that video, to relive the best five minutes of our two-week trip and my own short life. But when we played the tape, Dad had floundered: it was 15 seconds of shaking and blur, scored by my own frenzied shrieks of “It’s a bear! It’s a real bear!” The memory of that frenzied moment on the side of the road – and the resulting failure of a video, lives on in our family, employed as a final climactic twist in moments when we’re all together, reliving our favourite family vacations. That’s sort of the thing about family trips, isn’t it? You can plan and plan, like our writer Candace Derickx for her blended family’s trip to Holland (pg. 12), but when it comes to making memories, you can’t predict what will stick. Perhaps it’ll be something wildly unexpected, like when Michele Peterson’s grandson learned the facts of life from an iguana in Panama (pg. 18). Or, maybe it will be something as simple as a day with your teens on a beach in Mexico, which created a moment of motherly triumph for Claudia Laroye (pg. 34). In the end, it’s not the trip specifics, but the silly moments, the disasters that are only funny in hindsight, and the memories of time spent together that are revisited years later as our families grow up and away and on. So don’t get hung up on the details of your next big getaway – that’s what your travel advisor is for. Instead, make the experience about connection and quality time – from the planning stages to the return trip home. Don’t knowwhere to start? Sit back, relax with the kids, and let our stories of real families who transformed while abroad be the inspiration for your own 2018 travels. Happy reading,

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