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Model: 9686003

Palmgren’s space saving cabinet dust extractor pedestal is designed for industrial work that creates dust that requires immediate filtration. Since grinding dust has the capacity to spread throughout a work environment quickly, the only foolproof way to keep it under control is to eliminate the dust at the workstation. Creating a work environment that provides the ability to capture the grinding and deburring dust at the source, is the key to safe prevention.

■■ Cabinet self-contained filtration system designed to efficiently remove and filter dust, small metal chips and other contaminants while returning clean air to the shop

■■ Compact footprint

■■ Cabinet as a single 2” port connection with a dual port adaptor with two 2-3/8” ports

■■ Comes with two flexible metal connection hoses

■■ Multi-hole and slot top for easily securing of the various finishing tools to the pedestal

■■ Chips and dust collect into a metal drawer that is easy to clean

■■ Built in quench pot

■■ Auto on/off mode. Dust collector motor starts only when the grinder is plugged into one of the two 115 volt outlets in the back of the collection unit and the grinder switch is turned on. There is a 3 second delay till the dust collector starts. When the grinder switch is turned off there is a 5 second delay to clear out the connection hoses before the dust collector motor turns off.

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Single exhaust hook-up

Dual exhaust hook-up

a Item # 96886003 Dust collector

designed to do more



Motor: Voltage:

1.5 HP

designed to do more Auto on/off mode with 115 volt outlet

115V – 60 HZ 22,000 rpm

Blower speed:





Dust container volume: Filter surface / type:

110 cubic inches

94.8 square inches / fine filter filament

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designed to do more



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