Southwest Technical College Orientation Manual

Welcome to the Southwest Technical College!

We believe that each employee contributes directly to the College’s overall success and mission of meeting the technical skill training needs of the students, businesses and communities we serve. I hope you take pride in and enjoy being a member of the “Southwest Tech” team. It’s great to be professionally involved in an endeavor that has the potential of making such a lasting, positive impact on individuals, our communities and society. This employee orientation manual is intended to serve as a reference for both new and veteran employees. I encourage you to spend time to become familiar with the various policies. Knowing what is expected and how to get things done correctly can help you be both effective and efficient in your position. Since Southwest Technical College is growing and progressing rapidly, policies are constantly evolving. As changes are made, the Policy manual is updated, so it is wise to review it periodically. If a policy change or new policy impacts a specific department, efforts will be made to help employees become educated about those impacts. If you have a question about any of the information in this manual, please check with a member of the administrative team. As College President, one of my goals for the College is to conduct all activities in a professional, ethical and transparent manner. Following these policies and guidelines will help us achieve that goal.

With kind regards,

Brennan Wood College President

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