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‘oneBASF : portfolio for manufacturing facilities’ e-catalogue


 What if you are planning to build/retrofit a warehouse? Or let’s say you are looking for solutions for vegetation management on your property. Or perhaps your transportation fleet is highly corroded and needs to be refurbished.  The good news is that we, at BASF, can also help you addressing those needs!  With this in mind, we have developed an electronic catalogue to approach manufacturing facilities from a 'oneBASF' perspective.  But what is the meaning of ‘oneBASF” perspective?...Well…It’s One Company…It’s BASF, our entire team of specialist ready to help you addressing the specific needs of your facility with our broad portfolio.  In fact, the tool we have developed, showcases our product & solution portfolio in five main areas:

o Construction (new, repair or retrofit) o Waste water & process water treatment o Heavy equipment & machinery maintenance o Transportation fleet maintenance o Pest management

How this tool works?

 Please open the ’oneBASF portfolio for manufacturing facilities’

oneBASF e-catalogue - Page 2

 The e-catalogue, as you can see, starts with a brief description of who BASF is, both in Canada and worldwide.

oneBASF e-catalogue – Pages 3 & 4

 Then you will see a brief introduction to this catalogue and a description of our product benefits.  The benefits of all the products and solutions included in this catalogue , are highlighted by using the following symbols:


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