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Five s tray dogs were picked up by animal welfare officers on different days of the week (Monday-Friday) and taken to the Kennelmore Dog’s Home. All five dogs were re-homed on different days of the following week (Monday-Friday). No dog was taken to the dog’s home on the same day of the week it was re- homed. (eg The dog picked up on Monday wasn’t re-homed on the following Monday). Can you match each breed of dog with its name, the day of the week it was first picked up, the day it was re-homed and the name of its new owner? 1. The collie (who isn’t called Marty) was taken to the dog’s home on Tuesday. Mrs. O’Keefe re-homed one of the dogs on Thursday. 2. The dalmatian was re-homed the day before the dog Mr. Morgan re-homed and earlier in the week than the dog Mr. Perry re-homed but later in the week than Geordie was re-homed. 3. The dog which was taken to the dog’s home the day before Marty was taken in, was re-homed by Mrs. Tilley. 4. The alsatian was taken to the dog’s home on an earlier day of the week than the day in the following week when a lady re-homed the retriever. 5. Miss. Kirby re-homed one of the dogs two days earlier than the day in the previous week when Barney was taken into the dog’s home. 6. Dandy was taken into the home a day later in the week than the day in the following week when Mr. Morgan re-homed a dog. 7. Yorkie the terrier was taken to the dog’s home earlier in the week than the alsatian.


Ever wished there was a step-by-step guide to buying a home that was short and to the point? Well, here you go! Buying a new home – especially if you’re a first timer – can be overwhelming. Even if you’ve done it before, you may have forgotten certain steps, or perhaps enough time has passed that the process has changed. The following eight steps take you from your first MLS® search to possession day and cover almost everything in between. 1. Take a look at your finances. Before you do anything else, you need to take a good look at your finances to determine whether a home purchase is even possible. You should have money in your savings account, no major credit card debt and all of your bill payments should be up to date. 2. See what’s out there. Consider this step early research. You aren’t necessarily looking for a property at this point. Instead, you need to see what’s available, what price range you’re dealing with and potential locations. 3. Talk to your bank. Once you have a good idea of your finances and a rough idea of the amount you’ll be paying for a home, you should head to your bank for pre-approval. 4. Contact your real estate agent. If you haven’t let your Realtor know you’re in the market for a new home yet, now is the time! 5. Start shopping. Alongside your agent, begin visiting homes in the neighbourhoods you’d like to live in. Try to keep an open mind. You may have started out wanting a two-storey, but maybe that bungalow near the park would actually be a perfect fit. 6. Make an offer. Once you’ve found a house you can picture yourself living in, come up with an offer price that is neither too low nor too high. 7. Get an inspection. After your offer is accepted, have your potential new home inspected to ensure there are no major issues with the roof, foundation, plumbing, electrical and so on. 8. Finalize the paperwork. This will involve signing all final paperwork with your bank and lawyers, paying for closing costs and waiting for money to be transferred to the sellers. Once that’s done, you’ll find yourself the proud owner of a new home. Congratulations!

Breed Name Picked Up Re-homed New Owner

Courtesy of

Mr. Morgan



Marty Yorkie


Mrs. O’Keefe

Monday Tuesday Thursday


Dalmatian Retriever

NewOwner Mr. Perry Miss. Kirby Mrs. Tilley

Tuesday Thursday

Name Barney Geordie Dandy



PickedUp Wednesday





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