(p.1-53) HK034-Dr SYS


Ex. 2061

2061 1943 (1 Mar.) A domestic registered cover from Chungking to Dadukow, bearing surcharged 50c on SYS Central Trust print 16c, and SYS New York print $1, both tied by faint bilingual ‘CHUNGKING’ cds, with char. ‘EAST SZECHWAN/DADUKOW/1.3.43’ ‘ 大渡口 ’ arrival cds. Plus another local domestic registered cover to Shanghai, bearing HK print Martyrs 20c and SYS New York print $1, tied by bilingual ‘SHANGHAI’ cds. Both are mounted on a presentation page. Photo HK$ 1,000 - 1,400 2062 1943 (10 Mar.) A cover from Jiangyen to Wuhu, bearing SYS New York print 1c, SYS Chung Hwa print 5c, 8c in pair, both with damaged perforations and 10c, tied by char. ‘KIANGSU/JIANGYEN’ cds, a few dirt marks. New York print 1c is scarce on cover. Photo HK$ 800 - 1,000

Ex. 2063

2063 1943 (11 Sept.) A Returned registered cover from Shanghai to Canton, bearing SYS Dah Tung print 30c, New York print $1, tied by bilingual ‘SHANGHAI’ cds, with a lot of Canton cancel, including ‘SANWUI/19.10.43’ ‘ 新會 ’, ‘KONGMOONFOW/22.10.43’ ‘ 江門埠 ’, ‘CANTON/NORTH STREET/21.10.43’ ‘ 北街/江門 ’, ‘KUTSING/25.10.43’ ‘ 古恭 ’ cds. with 3 post office receipt attached on front. folded. Photo HK$ 1,200 - 1,500


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