(p.1-53) HK034-Dr SYS

Ex. 2079

Ex. 2080

2079 1941 A small group of the SYS New York print 50c blue on covers x 5, including sent from Shaowu, Fukien, air mail censor cover from Chungtu to Canada, registered cover from Shanghai to USA, fine. Photo HK$ 1,400 - 1,800 2080 1941 New York print $5 on cover x 3, all sent from Shanghai to USA, with registered covers, including $2 x 2 on cover. Photo HK$ 700 - 1,000

Ex. 2081

Ex. 2082

Ex. 2083

2081 1941-42 A small selection of SYS New York print 50c blue on cover x 4, including a censored cover to USA, with additional SYS Chung Hwa print 10c, HK print Martyrs 20c in pair, sent from Shanghai, a Paquebot cover to USA, domestic double registered cover sent from Shanghai, and a registered cover with New York print 2c in pair, 8c x 2, from Shanghai to USA. Photo HK$ 1,200 - 1,500 2082 1942 - 43 A small group of SYS New York print 1c on cover x 4, including express reg. cover from Shanghai, with contents, 1c in pair with HK print Martyrs 4c in pair to USA, Returned To Nanking commemorative cancel etc. fine. Photo HK$ 700 - 1,000 2083 1942 A small group of domestic cover x 4, all bearing New York print 8c, with pairs, express registered covers, tied by various types of cancellation, including East Szechwan and West Szechwan, all mounted on a presentation page. Photo HK$ 1,200 - 1,500


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