RVCCArts Season Brochure

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“My kids could not stop talking about the show - and neither could we!” -Row K, Seats 101-108

“Who knew such fantastic performances were so close to home!” -Row B, Seats 110-113

Table of Contents 4-17: Performance Information 17: Show Starters (Pre-Show Events) 18: School-Time Events Listing 19: Volunteers, Groups, Rentals 20: Series Types and Subscriptions 21: Theatre FAQs and Contacts 22-23: Complete Listing of Shows

“Great show, great experience, great price. I can’t believe we had never been here before!” -Row T, Seats 1-5

“I was floored to see all the types of shows available. I never thought I’d

be so moved by puppetry!” -Row X, Seats 4-6

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