EXTRAVAGANZA 2017 - Staff Handbook - AT THE EVENT

Staff with Cash Advance  For staff that have requested a cash advance, this is arranged to be paid in to the bank accounts prior to your travel  The advance is based on an expense of €30 per day, including travel days  Be sure to keep all your receipts  Submit an expense claim within 3 weeks post extravaganza  Any monies not spent or accounted for will need to be returned post event

Staff with NO cash advance  Be sure to keep all your receipts  Submit expenses as normal, supported by receipts

To insure adherence to the Corporate policies & guidelines on expenses (what can vs can’t be expensed, etc…) please refer to the 04.90 Corporate Travel & Entertainment Policy

Spanish Phrases

See you tomorrow Hello, how are you?

Nos vemos mañana Hola cómo estás

Badge / button / pin


See you soon!

Hasta la vista!

Good morning Good evening

Buenos días


Derecha Izquierda

Buenas noches


Thank you




Have a nice day

Que tengas un buen día Call me


I need help

Necesito ayuda

Where is the toilet? Where is the exit? Where is the disco?

Dónde está el baño? Dónde está la salida? Dónde está la discoteca?


Por favor

Well done

Bien hecho



Do you speak English? Hablas inglés?

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