The Secrets

New and pre - loved manufactured homes generally range in price from $130,000 to $500,000 depending on the size, style, specifications and location of your home.

Like retirement villages, lifestyle villages also charge a weekly recurrent fee for the occupation of the site and use of the communal amenities and facilities. The weekly site fee varies depending on a number of factors but typically can range from $150 per week to $200 per week. Unlike many retirement villages though, if you are a pensioner and your home is in a residential land lease community, the weekly fee you pay to the operator is eligible for government funded rent assistance. This acts as an effective subsidy of the site rent payable. Since residential land lease communities are not retirement villages, they are free from normal retirement village industry practices. Lifestyle villages typically do not require exit fees, deferred management fees, refurbishment fees or a capital gains sharing fee when you subsequently on - sell your home. A significant proportion of retirement villages have complicated contractual arrangements with their buyers. The complexity of these agreements means that buyers have to spend money getting their lawyers to review the documents to ensure that the buyer is properly informed of all the costs. The purchase agreements for retirement village properties govern the entry price or purchase price for those properties and may also outline any additional costs to be payable at the time of a future sale. These often include deferred management fees or exit fees. In addition, it is not unusual for retirement village contracts to impose obligations to refurbish the property before selling and may also require an owner to share any capital gain the property may have made between the date of purchase and subsequent sale.

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