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Major Washington, D.C. Metrorail Extension Set to Open

Washington, D.C. Metrorail’s new Spring Hill Station in Tysons Corner, Virginia Image courtesy of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

“...Lea+Elliott’s knowledge of the FTA’s New Starts process, their knowledge of transit systems and their experience with Dulles International Airport have provided the Airports Authority with outstanding resources which have greatly benefitted the Project,” said Airports Authority Project Director Charles S. Carnaggio. The first half of one of the nation’s largest infrastructure projects is nearing completion, and construction has begun on its second half. After decades of planning and five years of construction, Phase 1 of the $6+ billion Metrorail Silver Line extension will soon be carrying riders. The project has already spurred significant economic development near the new stations and when fully constructed, it will provide dependable transportation in the corridor connecting Washington, D.C. and Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia. In all, the Silver Line will add 11 new stations and will increase the 106-mile Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) rail transit system by approximately 25%. Phase 1 included construction

Lea+Elliott provides FTA coordination and preparation of federal reports and plans; monitors property acquisition and environmental compliance; participates in Value Engineering and cost reduction efforts; contributes to development of the Design-Build solicitation documents and contracts, particularly in the areas of systems and project development; evaluates contractor bids and provides contractor oversight; conducts Systems Design Reviews; supports the integration of the project with the existing WMATA operation, control, and maintenance infrastructure; and oversees Testing and Commissioning activities. continued on p 2

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Qatar’s First APM System

Honolulu Rail Transit Project Progresses

of about half of the 23-mile-long trackway, the procurement of 64 railcars, five new stations and expansion of an existing Metrorail maintenance facility. As an integral part of the project team,

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