Profit Pros Onboarding Guide

5. Report Fee; An additional Client/Report fee of $100 per client per year (no limit on the number of clients), as described in the following example;

Profit Pros® Provider Standard Agreement and Fee Schedule

The undersigned __________________ , (“Provider”), hereby contracts with Advanced Business Solutions LLC, a North Dakota limited liability company d/b/a ProfitPros (“ProfitPros”), for the annual subscription and the right to access and utilize the ProfitPros Profit Recovery Program (“Program”), with Profit Pros Contract (“Contract”). This Contract shall be deemed effective as of the ____day of ______, 2017 (“Effective Date”) and valid for 1 year (365 days) from the Effective Date, and shall be subject to the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS: 1. Subscription; Upon receipt of this agreement, Provider will receive an email invite to set up their login and password credentials for access to their Profit Pros ac- count. For security reasons, the temporary password is time sensitive, if an error occurs, ‘token not valid’ it has expired. Just request a new password and repeat the process. Once your account is setup you will be able to make a CC or Debit payment online and given full access to your account.

Example: The Client/Report $100 fee would apply for a client including up to 4 years of initial Data (2013-2016) and multiple report(s) throughout the same ending year (2016). (Typically, multiple reports within the same year may include end of the 2nd and 3rd quarters for any progress monitoring). The following year (2017) another $100 Client/Report fee will apply when a new report is generated for the same client and includes additional reports for the same year as stated above.

6. Data Entry; You may enter your own client’s data at no charge. If you would like Profit Pros to provide this optional service, the fee is $250 per client report.

7. Training and Support; Profit Pros provides training with the following details (refer to the chart in section 2 above). 2-hour training blocks are standard but flexible on a case by case situation. Training sessions are via web or teleconference or in person if available. Additional training is available in 2-hour blocks for $250 and is valid for up to 1 year. A digital training manual will also be provided along with the program Help Menu. In addition, our Customer Service Help Desk is available during office hours, Monday through Friday, 8am – 4pm CST and can be reached at (701) 893-6557 unless other arrangements have been made.

2. Users; Users are the number of providers within your organization using the program.

3. Subscription Levels (driven by the number of users);

U s e r s Mo n t h l y f e e Mo n t h l y To t a l

T r a i n i n g

8. Marketing; A web page portal and other marketing materials are also available. Inquire for details or visit our web page

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

$250.00 $225.00 $200.00 $195.00 $190.00 $185.00 $180.00 $175.00 $170.00 $165.00 $160.00 $155.00 $150.00 $145.00 $140.00

$250.00 $450.00 $600.00 $780.00 $950.00



9. Terms and Conditions; The use of the Profit Pros Software is also subject to the Provider acceptance to the General Terms and Conditions posted on the login of the program. To review the Terms and Conditions go to the following link; Providers payment information is to be added to the Providers Home Page for collection of the Client Report Fee(s) by the Providers Credit Card, Debit Card or Bank Account for automatic payment when a report is generated. Profit Pros does not store any credit card information. All credit card information is stored with a third party, Card processing company, see their Security Policy at the following link;

$1,110.00 $1,260.00 $1,400.00 $1,530.00 $1,650.00 $1,760.00 $1,860.00 $1,950.00 $2,030.00 $2,100.00


10 11 12 13 14 15


Provider agrees to defend, indemnify and hold Profit Pros harmless for any claims or causes of action asserted against Profit Pros arising out of the Providers use of the Profit Pros Program or Profit Pros Reports for and on behalf of any third parties.


This subscription is non-transferable. Once an account has been established there are no refunds.

Enterprise (Quote) Strategic Partner (Quote)

Subscription payment can be made online with a CC or debit ACH once the account is set up or; A check payable to: Profit Pros, 1351 Page Dr., Ste. 300, Fargo ND 58103.

The undersigned have agreed to these terms and conditions on this date _______________________;

4. Payment Terms; The Annual Subscription monthly user fee (chart checked above) $________ x ____ (number of users) = $________ total monthly required ACH can be paid via your account online and is valid for a 365-day period commencing on the Annual Subscription Effective Date.

Neil Blanchard


Profit Pros, dba of Advanced Business Solutions, LLC

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_____________________________________ Subscriber/Provider

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