Wessels' Farms 2016

New and Note Worthy Items!

Page 10:

* Grolink has a new name Gediflora. Same great mum!

Page 18:

* New Ageratum series & they have a White! Cloud Nine series comes in Blue, White & Mix. Smaller than Hawaii 5.0 Blue at 3-5” in the garden. * Angelonia Serenita series added a Sky Blue to it’s series & this color was added to the mix. * Begonia Baby Wing added 2 new colors & a Mix; Bicolor has a unique pattern with slightly smaller flowers than the rest of the series but very floriferous. The Red is a nice red with the same habit as the rest of the series. * Calibrachoa Kabloom Series has dropped it’s Red for the 2016 season due to seed viability and availability but the rest of the series is still there, great for pots and hangers. Page 19: * Coleus Kong Scarlet Improved it’s color now there is no rose center. * In the Sun Coleus line there is a new Flip Side, a unique novelty variety; the top of the leaves are green while the bottom of the leaves are rosy raspberry. Flowers late so ideal for the landscape. Great in Full Sun or Shade. * Dianthus Diana series added a new mix called Lavendina. * Dianthus Super Venti Parfait added Crimson. Page 20: * All Fuseables listed on this page. * Gazania Kiss added Frosty Orange Flame to its list. * Wessels’ added GeraniumHorizon series, smaller than Maverick & Ringo 2000 series, nice range of colors. * Impatiens Accent added back the Red Star; Rose Star; & Salmon Picotee. Page 22: * Pansy Cool Wave added Blue Skies, mid blue in color and habit and vigor matches Golden Yellow. Lemon Surprise; lemon blossoms produce some genetic dark and light shading. Page 23: * Pansy Matrix added a Beaconsfield color and Solar Flare which are vivid fire shades w/blotch. * Spring Matrix; added Lavender Shades, Primrose and Purple &White to it’s series. Page 24: * We added to our Maddness listing with Pink Chiffon and Clear Mix improved. * Petunia Easy Waves have added Pink Passion a great bubblegum pink color; they have also added Silver a color very similar to the Tidal Wave Silver color & we now have a Yellow Spreading petunia! Page 25: * Petunia Shock Wave has also added a Yellow to its lineup. Word on the street is use the Shock Wave Yellow over the Easy Wave Yellow for better habit. * We have added Portulaca Happy Trails to our plug book so you now have a great TRAILING portulaca for hangers. Page 26: * Verbena Quartz XP added Violet w/ Eye. Color is very similar to Quartz XP Burgundy w/ Eye but with more blue tones. Fits in with the series with timing and habit. Page 27: * Viola Sorbet added back in their Yesterday, Today & Tommorrow. * Zinnia Zahara Double series added two new colors Salmon Rose: Deep rich pink w/ a touch of orange color on extra large extremely double flowers. Yellow extremely double flowers on the most asked for bright yellow coloring. * Zinnia Pop Art added White & Red to its Yellow & Red. Page 29: Vegetables: * Added Basil Nufar and Dolce Fresca to our Italian basil. These 2 varieties are said to be the most Powdery mildew resistant varieties on the market. * Dolce Fresca has a unique bushy habit with shorter internodes. Won’t get tall and leggy and still delivers traditional basil leaf size and flavor. 2015 AAS Winner * Added to the Berri Basket Strawberry series is Ruby Ann * Petunia Bravo and Ultra series have been discontinued and replaced with TriTunia series; a terrific blend of both series with both some star patterns and vein patterns included.

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