Lime Tree August 2019

From the Manager s Desk

Hello again from Graham & Lesley..

It’s the month of August and to all those Leo’s out there, it’s your time to shine. Graham will be celebrating a very special birthday this year. My father is a Leo also and he will be turning 85 this year. He is still going strong although he has slowed down a little bit now! My mum and dad live over in “sunny Sawtell” at Boambee Gardens Estate and they have been married for over 50 years! After celebrating all those birthdays Graham and I will need a break! We are heading off for 2 weeks at the end of August. We are going to Darwin to explore the Adelaide River, visit the Mindil Beach markets etc. We are hoping to do a day trip to Kakadu while we are there also. I’ve always wanted to go to Darwin. We will be cruising back again from Darwin to Brisbane on the Pacific Dawn, then we will drive home to Coffs Harbour. Denise will be looking after the office for us as usual while we are away and Warren will be maintaining the grounds and doing the rubbish run as normal. A big thank you to both of you once again. Without your help, we would not be able to get away. We know that when we go away, everything will continue on smoothly. This year is just flying by, I can’t believe that when I booked our holiday, it was so far into the future that the internet sites I was using couldn’t take my booking for months down the track. We will be all planning for Christmas soon. I always say that I am going to be organised and buy all my Christmas presents early. That doesn’t seem to happen though. Oh well there is always next year! Next month will be the start of Spring, so the weather should start to warm up a little bit. Or maybe that is just wishful thinking on my behalf! Little bit by little bit the days are starting to get longer now. I am looking forward to the start of daylight savings. It’s great having all that extra time in the afternoon to do things, after finishing work! By now, you may have noticed a couple more new faces around the village. Jo & Jamie have settled into Lime Tree Village after selling their home and having to do a little bit of downsizing! Jo’s mum is also a resident here, so they have been coming in and out of here for a while. It’s finally official! Welcome to you both. With most of your renovating done, it’s time to move in and relax.

Until next month….

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August 2019 | Volume 12 | Issue 8

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