Richard Irwin

return at a later date. It became an opportunity to visit other world areas of interest. Richard and his wife were able to walk the Great Wall of China as a result. He has a picture on his wall at home that they purchased while on the island of Bali. The biggest reward came when he interacted with the local people in the places he worked and visited along the path. It was an amazing discovery to learn that regardless of which country and which locality within the country all persons wanted the same things, i.e. family, happiness, success, safety and so on in spite of the imposition of government rules. Each reader will get an exposure of these realities when his book, Our Life in Boxes is read. As Richard was putting his thoughts to print he began to see a picture forming that was putting an additional perspective on his travels down the path.

Simply put, what he experienced caused an evaluation of what elements come into play that affects how a person sees what’s in front of him or her allowing a conclusion to be drawn. Hence, he finished his book with an epilogue that essentially shows what human characteristics there are in a human to see what is in front of you and how they affect you. And, then there are other elements in the “out there” that can impact what humans need or want. Both books provide a reflection of Richard’s view of his personal world and how he sees the world in general. The reader of each book hopefully will look inside himself or herself and reflect on where their path leads. In today’s world personal reflection needs to be enhanced by what’s in the arena of the public square.



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