Con g ratulations!

You have reached the Champion Level in the PGA Sports Academy. The PGA Sports Academy Champion Guide is the third in a series of books created by The PGA of America to help you learn more about golf. The Champion Guide will introduce you to competing in tournaments and team golf, and show you how you can have fun while sharpening your golf skills. Champions know that constant improvement is the key to achieving success. With the Champion Guide at your side you can develop your skills and learn to play golf to the best of your abilities. The more you play, the more fun you have on the golf course.

The Pro Knows…

PGA/LPGA Professionals are great mentors and teachers. Their competitive experience will help them teach you how to play your best golf. With their love of the game, they enjoy sharing their golf experiences with you. PGA/LPGA Professionals are dedicated to making your game better and golf a better game. Ask your PGA/LPGA Professional: 1. What has been your best tournament round? 2. What is your favorite golf course? 3. Why did you become a PGA/LPGA Professional? 4. How do I make practice fun? 5. What does it take to become a Champion?

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