USD Annual Report 1983/84

Building a better world

Continuing the Catholic tradition

Knowledge is the key to building a better world-a goal important to all of us. Knowledge can solve world hunger problems, erase disease and lead us to a better understanding of our global neighbors. Knowledge in itself, however, can be destructive unless it is grounded in values that promote the betterment of all humankind. At the University of San Diego we combine knowledge and values. The University educates young men and women for today's modern world utilizing Catholic traditions and values which have guided millions of people through the centuries. Our mission is dedicated to producing well-rounded graduates who not only are competent in their fields, but who recognize their responsibility toward all humanity. We bring you this report to share some of our achievements of the past year. We continued to progress towards our never-ending quest for educational excellence. Signs of progress included completion of three new buildings-the Manchester Executive Conference Center, the Helen K. and James S. Copley Library, and Olin Hall. Faculty growth continued, with outstanding new professionals in several fields. One professor was named a Fulbright Scholar. A record number of students graduated in June . The achievements of the past provide a bright backdrop of enthusiasm as we look towards the future. In the years al1ead, we must continue to seek a higher level of academic excellence while remaining committed to our Catholic heritage. More scholarships are needed for deserving students. Our endowment must be strengthened. We must continue to improve our facilities to meet the needs of our burgeoning student body. It is the steadfast support of the thousands of people whose names are included in this report that brings our drean1s of progress to reality. We are extremely grateful to all of them. We are also thankful for the thousands of friends who spread USD's message among the local and national community.

The University of San Diego represents the best in higher education-a university devoted not only to excellence, but a university which embodies the Catholic tradition to its fullest. This tradition supports an environment which affirms the moral, ethical and humanitarian values of the Church and guides students towards achieving their full potential. It is gratifying to be the Chairman of the Board of an institution so intent on fulfilling this mission. USD has written an amazing success story in its brief 35-year history, a success story largely attributable to the vision of its founders, the Most Reverend Charles F. Buddy and Reverend Mother Rosalie Hill, RSC]. Thanks to their foresight and energies, and due to the hard work and prayers of thousands of the university's supporters, the dream of a great Catholic university in San Diego continues to move to new stages of development. This report reflects the successes of USD during the 1983-84 academic year. It also, and more importantly, pays tribute to all those who have contributed to the university 's achievements. We are forever grateful for the efforts of these friends.

As we plan our future we pledge to continue educating students who will make this world a better place for all of us.

DeS(l/es Hall

Author E. Hughes, Ph.D. President

7" -~ p :::;:~~ ~Most Reverend Leo T. Maher, D.D. Bishop of San Diego Chairman, Board of Trustees

USIJ students receive more !ban S10 million in financial aid.



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