The Edge - Volume One

04 Keeping you on the edge of what’s next Learn why occupiers and owners will both benefit from the research and insights found in The Edge.

22 Experiencing the experiential workplace As the experience economy continues to mature, see why you must think differently about competitive differentiation.

08 What’s the value of building certifications beyond certifying buildings? Gain an understanding of why certification is a healthy choice.

26 Leading with innovation: Google on their real estate success Google discusses innovation, technology and the future of real estate in this exclusive sit-down.

Executive Sponsors: Steven Quick, Carlo Barel di Sant’Albano and Brad Kreiger

Editorial Lead: Gina Dardi

Creative Lead: Senem Goctu

12 #Girlpower: women winning in the workplace The time is now for women in CRE. Hear wise words from our women. 16 Building the story behind the building KBS Realty Advisors discuss how they maximize the value of their portfolio. 19 The pulse on healthcare consumerism How does this whole new approach to healthcare impact real estate?

Digital Marketing Lead: Jennifer Bowers

Contributors: Chelsey Armstrong, Chelsi Bierschwale, Erin Bruner, Cara Chodash, Jonathan Crossley, Jane DiCampo, Brad Dugard, Jennifer Edwards, Adrienne Fasano, Laurie Hayes, Kristyn Kerr, Alanna Loeffler, Kenneth Lopez, Courtney Olson, Carolyn Salzer, Phil Santo, Olivia Sarnecki, Anna Town, Aixa Velez, Christine Wickes and Grace Wilk

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How the surge in eCommerce drives demand for reverse logistics warehouse space.

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