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MOBILE PHONE OPTIONS IN THE UK When relocating to the UK you have two options:

+ Use an existing mobile phone + Purchase a new mobile phone Using an Existing Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are locked to their respective network, meaning you cannot use a SIM card of another network with the phone. Therefore if you wish to keep your phone and bring it to the UK, you should ensure your phone has been unlocked, so you can use a SIM card from a UK network. Mobile phones can be unlocked in most mobile phone retailers, or online. SIM Free If you have a SIM card you want to use but not a phone, you can buy what is called a SIM Free phone. You can buy a phone that is completely unlocked so you can put your own SIM in it. Most phones available on Pay-as-you-go will work as Sim Free also. Purchasing a New Mobile Phone There are two ways to own a mobile phone, Pay-as-you-go and a Contract. Pay-as-you-go mobile telephones can be bought by anyone as long as you hold a UK bank account. A contracted phone can only be taken out by someone over the age of 18. Both methods of purchasing mobile phones can be done in store, online, or by telephone. There are many mobile phone networks in the UK and though they are all very good, some networks work best in different areas of the country. The 4 main network providers are as follows and the links will show you the coverage for each area; + O2: Click Here + Three: Click Here + EE: Click Here + Vodafone: Click Here Pay-as-you-go Pay-as-you-go means you purchase the mobile phone outright, at the sale price, and a sim card comes separately (at no extra cost). Your sim card effectively opens an account and you add money to your account though ‘topping up’, to spend on messages, calls etc. When you send texts, or make calls, it is then charged to your account and deducted. As you run out, you add more to your account, hence pay-as-you-go. Contracts Contracts are a pay monthly option for purchasing a mobile phone, similar to a lease. When you select a phone, you will sometimes pay a deposit, this is very common for those coming from abroad who have no credit history. You will also need to provide a proof of address document for your permanent home, this is usually a utility bill but a signed tenancy agreement may be accepted.

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